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Whether Media or Economists; "Mainstream" Means Left-Wing


McClatchy News ran this article yesterday that attempts to outline the different outlooks on the economy held by Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis. The article was supposed to be an unbiased summary presenting each candidates viewpoints, but, this being the left-wing media, the author couldn't help but add this editorialized comment:

Mainstream economists generally think the stimulus and the bank rescue were two factors that actually helped the U.S. economy out of the Great Recession. Other factors included the rescue of General Motors and Chrysler and a payroll tax holiday that put more money into people's pockets that circulated back into the economy.

We all know what is meant when referring to the "mainstream media", but it is important to point out what is meant by "mainstream economists." That term largely refers to Keynesian economists employed by taxpayer-funded universities or government agencies. Keynesian economics is music to the ears of statist politicians and journalists because it provides intellectual cover for ever-expanding government control of the economy.
Moreover, why should we believe what the "mainstream economists" say about the impact of the stimulus anyway? It is the mainstream economists who were blindsided by the recession in the first place!
If they are clueless about the cause of the recession, why should we listen to their thoughts on what policies work to fight the recession?

How the Liberal Left Reacts to Voter Fraud in NC


James O'Keefe is in town and talking to campaign workers at early voting – the results are chilling. His video illustrates that the progressive Left accepts voter fraud as a "given" in elections and their poll workers are their to advise and accommodate anyone willing to cheat. Remember every illegal voter disenfranchises a legal voter.

The most remarkable thing about this video is – not one person even raises an eyebrow when they are told that the person they are talking to is a non-citizen/illegal and wants to vote!

Illegal Mailers in Hagan Tillis Senate Campaign?


Two mailers in the Hagan Tillis race have hit mailboxes in the last few days appear to violate federal and state laws:

1. They do not Identify who paid for the mailer as required by federal law (FEC)

2. They likely violated state lobbying laws as they are soliciting others to call a state official (Speaker Thom Tillis) to impact a legislative action. If you contact a certain number of people or spend a certain amount to do such lobbying you have to report your expenditures to the NC Secretary of State Lobbying Compliance Division.

Hagan flyer millionaires 1

Hagan Flyer Millionaires 2

There have been a lot of folks playing fast and lose with the rules this year. But hey, if your intentions or good, no foul!

Tax Foundation: NC's Tax Reform One of the Most Impressive in the Last Ten Years


The Tax Foundation today released the 2015 version of their annual State Business Tax Climate Index - which ranks the tax structure of states according to how (relatively) attractive they are to lure jobs and investment.

The index is in its 11th year, and for the first ten years NC performed terribly – ranking among the worst ten or fifteen states annually. This year, however, offers a much different outlook. According to a Foundation press release:

Washington, DC (Oct 28, 2014)—North Carolina now has the 16th best tax climate in the U.S. according to the latest edition of the State Business Tax Climate Index, released this morning by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation. The Tar Heel State’s rank rose 28 places from its 44th place ranking last October, the largest improvement in a single year in the history of the report.

"This is one of the most impressive state tax reform effort we’ve seen in the last 10 years," said Tax Foundation Economist and Manager of State Projects Scott Drenkard. "While other states might reform one or two elements of their tax code, North Carolina leapt over 28 states by passing reforms on corporate, individual, and sales taxes. This level of reform—both in scope and craftsmanship—is rare."

Support for Common Core continues to erode


Gallup reported that support for Common Core among public school parents continues to slide.

According to poll results released earlier today, parents of U.S. public school students in grades K-12 are about evenly divided over the Common Core State Standards. Thirty-five percent view them negatively and 33% view them positively, while another third aren't familiar with them or don't have an opinion. This reflects a slight shift since April, when parents were slightly more positive (35%) than negative (28%).

Other poll findings include:

  • Support among public school parents for one set of national educational standards has also slipped from 73 percent in April to 65 percent.
  • A majority of Republicans (58 percent) hold a negative view of Common Core, up from 42 percent in April.
  • Democrats  continue to view Common core favorably, by about a 2 to 1 margin, 48 percent view the standards it positively, 23 percent  negatively; about the same percentages recorded in April .

Pundits like to spin the loss of support for Common Core as a result of “negative” publicity.  Be aware this poll is of public school parents. That means parents have children in schools where Common Core is not only talked about but also taught. Presumably many have firsthand experience with Math and English Common Core Standards. As such, their opinion – whether pro or con — is likely to be informed and substantiated.