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Monthly Archives: June 2007

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    Roundup of "Sicko" Reviews

    Posted in Healthcare By Max Borders

    The American – here.Opinion Journal – here.National Review – here.Reason – here.Human Events – here.(Update: TCS Daily – here.)

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    IBEW gets smacked

    Posted in Uncategorized By Chris Hayes | Tagged

    The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has been clamoring for a vote at Progress Energy's Shearon Harris Nuclear plant outside of Raleigh for months, if not years. Well, guess what, the employees voted and the union got beat.  Bad. According to the News & Observer, the vote was 499-157 against unionizing. It's quite promising […]

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    Smoked Out

    Posted in Economics By Max Borders | Tagged , ,

    The Charlotte Observer says Phillip Morris's departure from the Charlotte area is a "downside of globalization." Perhaps. But its also an indication that the government's witchhunt against Big Tobacco is taking its toll–not to mention NC's declining business environment and corporate taxation, currently among the worst in the Southeast (nay, the nation). This move also […]

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    Another Kelo Anniversary Passes: No Action in NC

    Posted in Uncategorized By Civitas Staff | Tagged

    Thomas Stith audio on the NC General Assembly's failure to act on a state constitutional amendment protecting private property rights from developers colluding with government.

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    North Carolina: Behind the Curve Again

    Posted in Healthcare By Civitas Staff

    As Maryland considers following states like Florida and S.C. in (gasp) voucherizing Medicaid, NC is still in the "let's expand it" phase. In typical fashion, we'll be five years behind the curve. While other states innovate (even bad innovations like Massachusetts' Mitt-care) we'll be figuring out not only that Medicaid is gobbling our state budget, […]

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