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Monthly Archives: December 2007

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    Thanks for a Great Year!

    Posted in Miscellaneous By Jameson Taylor

    On behalf of everyone here at Civitas, I want to thank all our readers for making this such a great year for Red Clay Citizen and for Civitas. This month we broke another record for unique visitors, and we hope to continue the trend going into 2008. In usual New Year's Eve fashion, here is […]

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    Flexible Pay for Bureaucrats

    Posted in Budget & Taxes By Max Borders | Tagged

    Interesting idea from Singapore: make government more flexible with wages, pay, and performance. (I'd add, of course, cost-cutting incentives.)-Max Borders

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    Billionaires for Big Government

    Posted in Politicians & Politicking By Max Borders

    Soros and other guilt-ridden ex-hedge-fund speculators are putting big bucks behind their favorite big government candidates. (More here.)This is about corporate interests backing horses as much as ideology. Expect no less from the likes of Z. Smith Reynolds and the Fletcher Foundation here in North Carolina. What a titanic war. What a titanic waste of […]

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    We're Being Overtreated

    Posted in Healthcare By Civitas Staff

    Moral hazard and overconsumption are huge problems in healthcare. Don't believe it? Here's your New Year's book — NYTimes calls it the best economics book of 2007. Yes the NYTimes.

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    Boudreaux on Today's Krugmania

    Posted in Economics By Max Borders | Tagged

    I'm starting to think that Paul Krugman is so enamored with being a darling of the left, that he has forgotten – or perhaps abandoned – even the fundamentals (law of comparative advantage). Boudreaux pits him against himself again: Paul Krugman worries that, although trade between high-wage countries is mutually beneficial, "trade between countries at […]

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