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    Government Creates Mess, Offers Itself as Solution

    Posted in Economics, Healthcare By Max Borders | Tagged

    We've seen it time and again. Government creates a mess, then offers itself as a solution, (using other people's money, of course). Healthcare: Government creates a massively distorted, overprices (and going up) socialist patchwork of a health care system, then wants to help it out by "sharing the burden" with full-tilt single-payer socialism. Medicaid and […]

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    Obama: What Rule of Law?

    Posted in Immigration By Civitas Staff

    Obama says we should let illegals into the N.C. community college system.

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    Bailout Brain Trust

    Posted in Economics By Max Borders | Tagged

    A bunch of my favorite minds on the bailout. (Munger's in there too.) (Update: More sanity on the bailout; plus here, and here (honest uncertainty) and here fed up with inadequate metaphors.)

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    Perdue: A Pump of Bad Ideas

    Posted in Environment & Energy, Politicians & Politicking By Max Borders | Tagged ,

    Apparently, Bev Perdue would like to give Hugo Chavez-type powers to the governor during times of 'crisis.'  According to Under the Dome, Perdue says: "The governor needs the power to be able to respond," Perdue said in a telephone interview. "The governor would have been able to work with other governors in other states who […]

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    Meltdown Origins?

    Posted in Uncategorized By Civitas Staff | Tagged

    This Youtuber thinks he's found the origins of this financial mess. (Hint: it ain't "deregulation".)

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