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    Defending marriage in N.C.

    Posted in Life & Family Issues By Jessica Anderson | Tagged , ,

    Saturday’s N&O published my guest column on defending marriage here in North Carolina. The column pointed out that North Carolina is the only state in the southern United States that still does not have a Defense of Marriage Act on the record despite public pressure and bipartisan support in the General Assembly. While some 30 […]

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    Is swine flu a health care reform tactic?

    Posted in Healthcare By Jessica Anderson | Tagged , ,

    The hustle and bustle of new fall classes brings football games, new student orientation and the nostalgic school supply list. This year, nestled in between the usual suspects of #2 pencils, TI-83 Calculators, and loose-leafed notebook paper, the unusual request of a thermometer finds its way on the school supply list. Schools across North Carolina […]

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    Does WakeMed hospital endorse ObamaCare?

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Healthcare, Politicians & Politicking By Francis De Luca | Tagged , , , ,

    Is WakeMed supporting ObamaCare? On September 3rd they are allowing Organizing for America to use the WakeMed North Healthplex for a rally in support of "Health Insurance Reform," the new name for Health Care Reform (ObamaCare) which may shortly be changed to KennedyCare. As I posted in January, Organizing for America is President's Obama political arm or permanent political campaign.  This is […]

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    What's In a Name?

    Posted in Miscellaneous By Brian Balfour

    It appears that some of our statist friends are offended by some of my recent terminology. After Under the Dome referenced my rebuttal to an article by the Budget & Tax Center, there was some focus on my descriptive phrase, "The North Carolina Budget & Tax Center, an outfit driven by Marxist ideology." There was […]

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    Have Your ID Ready-Town Hall Edition

    Posted in Healthcare, Immigration By Jeff Mixon

    I have seen it all, now. When a Congressman won't let a constituent speak at a town hall until he checks their ID, what have we come to? Northern Virginian Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) did just that at a town hall on Obamacare KennedyCare this week. (Unfortunately for him, the camera was there too.) httpv:// […]

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