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    Civitas Legislative Report – 6/30

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Matt Willoughby | Tagged , , , ,

    Public financed campaigns could still be expanded

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    Green Fever Has Hit North Carolina

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Legislative Activity By Jason Sutton | Tagged , , , , ,

    Take a look at this recently published Civitas opinion article in the Lincoln Tribune.  The article provides an overview of the legislators who have caught "Green Fever" and their green agenda.  The green agenda, pushed by global warming alarmist Al Gore among others, will inhibit private economic growth and provide a means by which government can control individuals […]

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    Rep. Larry Womble Sleeping

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Legislative Activity By John Eick | Tagged , ,

    Yesterday, Rep. Larry Womble (D-Forsyth) was spotted asleep in the House chamber during the first reading of the budget proposal. Evidently spending $19 billion of your money was not enough to keep him awake. x

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    Budgeting 101

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Legislative Activity, Politicians & Politicking By Bob Luebke | Tagged ,

    In all the moaning and groaning over the just completed budget deal, Senate Majority Leader Martin Nesbitt (D-Buncombe)  candidly quipped, “There’s not enough money for anyone down here to be proud of”. See article.  There you have it, the unvarnished political philosophy of your Senate leadership: bring home the bacon. So much for doing the right […]

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