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Monthly Archives: October 2010

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    Original Pier Directors are Gone With the Wind

    Posted in Budget & Taxes By Jana Benscoter

    Today is the last day that Carolina Beach residents can submit public comment on pending construction of a public fishing pier. The pier is slated to copy the blueprint of Jennette’s Pier, which is currently under construction in Nags Head. Within the same time frame that public comments are due, the director of N.C. Aquarium […]

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    2010 Absentee Vote Turnout (as of 10/28/10)

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Susan Myrick | Tagged , , ,

    Early Vote Highlights. Visit Civitas Vote Tracker for more information on early voting turnout. Data is downloaded from the State Board of Elections website. voter_party_code Votes Change from previous Total 734454 101014 DEM 335989 48848 REP 273215 35274 UNA 124578 16806 LIB 672 86   county_desc #voters change from previous WAKE 58521 none MECKLENBURG 54495 […]

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    State Government Distrust of Free Market

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics By Jason Sutton | Tagged , ,

    Government leadership in Raleigh insists that the political allocation of investment is superior to market allocation of investment.  Do not mind the words of politicians, but rather the actions of politicians. As fellow Civitas blogger Brian Balfour pointed out in a recent post, which can be found here, North Carolina’s private sector job growth ranks […]

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    It's school report card time

    Posted in Education By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    The 2010 North Carolina State School Report Cards are now available. Among other things, report cards provide information about student performance, spending  class size and teacher quality. While I have my issues with some of the indicators — for example, spending totals including daily operating costs only; figures do not include capital costs or community service programs — report cards are […]

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    110 Year Olds Vote Strong in NC

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Susan Myrick | Tagged ,

    So far in early voting 110 year olds have  made a pretty good showing; 2214 of them have voted either by mail or at a one-stop site (214 by mail and 2,000 at early voting sites).  There are 1,420 Democrats in this group, 717 Republicans and 77 Unaffiliated voters. Nothing against very old voters, but it is […]

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