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    Competition boosts public school performance

    Posted in Education By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    There’s been much talk about how competition benefits the public schools but not much research on the subject – until now.   Education Next features an interesting study by Cassandra Hart and David Figlio, both of  Northwestern University. The researchers analyzed data from the Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship program to determine the effect of scholarship-induced private school […]

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    Don't Play Scrabble with Durham's City Council

    Posted in Immigration By Jana Benscoter | Tagged ,

    The role of law enforcement is to carry out the law to the fullest extent, maintain order and protect residents. Law enforcement does not decide what to enforce, however, is told what they are to enforce and can enforce according to local ordinances and state and federal laws, state constitutions and the US Constitution. Durham […]

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    Tax Reform Not on Menu for New State Leadership

    Posted in Budget & Taxes By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    An article in today's Greensboro News & Recordsuggests that the new GOP leadership in North Carolina's General Assembly doesn't think now is the right time to tackle any significant reform of NC's tax structure. Democrats fell short with a reform package in 2009 that Republicans called a tax increase in disguise. Now the GOP is […]

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    Cuts Could Crash Carolina Beach Pier Plans

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Politicians & Politicking By Jana Benscoter

    It won’t take long before Republican leadership in both North Carolina House and Senate reveal their business acumen. The new Legislature begins work on Wednesday, Jan. 26 and is immediately tasked with balancing a budget that touts a potential $3.5 billion gap. State agencies recently submitted proposals to Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue suggesting where they believe […]

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    Easley Ineligible to Run for Sheriff; N&O Hosts Pity Party

    Posted in Politicians & Politicking By Jason Sutton | Tagged ,

    This much is certain: Mike Easley will not be the next sheriff in your county.  Our former governor is now a convicted felon and per the constitutional amendment passed just this month, convicted felons are ineligible to serve as sheriff.  Speaking of Governor Easley… This weekend, the News & Observer ran an article (read it […]

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