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Monthly Archives: December 2012

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    Racist Wake Co. School Board Seeks to Disenfranchise Children

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    Parents across Wake County are receiving a pamphlet describing the 2013-14 Student Assignment Plan. Included in the description is a list of "required documents" for those families wishing to enroll a child in a Wake Co. school. The list of required documents is also available online, and it includes: Required documents Completed enrollment forms A […]

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    Central Planners Double-Down on Corporate Welfare in W-S

    Posted in Economics By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    Undaunted by the failed Dell corporate welfare giveaway in Winston-Salem, local and state politicians once again use taxpayer dollars to centrally-plan the economy, by bribing Herbalife to relocate into the very same plant vacated by Dell. In exchange for millions of taxpayer dollars and anti-competitive political privilege, Herbalife pledges to create nearly 500 jobs hire […]

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    This Is Why Tax Reform is Needed

    Posted in Budget & Taxes By Jim Tynen | Tagged ,

    According to the Triangle Business Journal: North Carolinians’ personal incomes grew at a 1.7 percent annualized rate in the third quarter, once again lagging growth in most other states. This continues a long trend of economic decline. North Carolina's economy needs to be jump-started. Here's a way to do it: eliminate the income tax and […]

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    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics By Rhett Forman | Tagged , , ,

    Unless a deal is struck that is favorable to the middle class, we go over the fiscal cliff in less than two weeks. My, oh my, how time flies while the men and women in Congress bicker about how much of other people's money to take and how fast to spend it. But what can't […]

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    Major Study Touts Benefits to NC from Income Tax Elimination

    Posted in Budget & Taxes By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , , ,

    New at the Civitas Institute is a comprehensive study evaluating the benefits to North Carolina's economy from eliminating the state's income taxes – both personal and corporate. It's no secret that tax reform is going to be a major issue in the 2013 session, and eliminating the income tax will be examined closely. The Civitas […]

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