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    An End to Taxpayer-Funded Political Campaigns in NC?

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Brian Balfour | Tagged ,

    No sensible person would support a law compelling citizens into forced labor for a political campaign – including campaigns of candidates with whom they disagree. So why does North Carolina compel citizens to fork over their tax money to political campaigns, without even allowing them to choose which candidates their tax dollars support? After all, our […]

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    High U.S. Corporate Tax Costing Jobs, Growth

    Posted in Budget & Taxes By Brian Balfour

    A new study by Ernst & Young commissioned by the RATE coalition finds that the U.S. is losing ground to other nations because of our stubbornly high corporate tax rates (now highest among industrialized nations). Some key findings include: The average statutory foreign corporate tax rate of the 19 countries analyzed will have fallen nearly 35 […]

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    CLC Speaker Michelle Malkin Speaks Out on Immigration

    Posted in Civitas Events, Immigration By Civitas Staff | Tagged , ,

    Michelle Malkin, Fox News contributor and keynote speaker at Civitas’ 2013 Conservative Leadership Conference,  spoke with Fox & Friends anchors Thursday morning about immigration. Malkin rejected the suggestion of amnesty as an immigration reform solution, the day after several U.S. Senators including John McCain visited the Mexico-U.S. border. During the Senators' visit, a woman climbed […]

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    Senate Bill 334, Dorothea Dix Lease: A Vote for Realism in North Carolina.

    Posted in Legislative Activity By Jim Tynen | Tagged , ,

    The General Assembly's move to revise the badly flawed Dorothea Dix property lease is a step for realism in state government, where it is badly needed. Lame-duck Gov. Bev Perdue pushed through the lease last year after she no longer had to fear the voters. It leased the valuable land in Raleigh to the city […]

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    Avoiding a 'Haircut' via HB 101, Repeal Estate Tax

    Posted in Budget & Taxes By Jim Tynen | Tagged , ,

    News reports tell us that Europe's economy has been threatened by "haircuts" to be administered to bank depositors in Cyprus. For more, read "Bank of Cyprus Uninsured Deposit Holders Face 40% Haircut-Central Banker." As financial slang used in recent news stories, a haircut often refers to a penalty bondholders, shareholders or depositors pay when bad […]

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