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    Obamacare: The Grinch That Stole Healthcare

    Posted in Healthcare By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    You know Obamacare has become a nightmare when even the President's hometown paper is slamming the law as a disaster. Some excerpts from the Chicago Tribune's stinging article: (click the link to read the whole article, its well worth it) For weeks, the government's website repelled customers with the brutal efficiency of a nightclub […]

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    New Gallup Poll: 72% Say Big Government Biggest Threat

    Posted in Polling By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    Politico reports on news from a recent Gallup poll showing that an overwhelming majority of Americans agree with the Civitas Institute that the biggest threat to the country's future is big government. Nearly three-quarters of Americans identify big government as the greatest threat to the country’s future, according to a new poll. The 72 percent […]

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    So You Say Obamacare "Is the Law"?

    Posted in Healthcare, Politicians & Politicking By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    "(L)aw is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual." –Thomas Jefferson, 1819

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    Today's Obamacare Trap: Dunning the Estates of Medicaid Patients

    Posted in Healthcare By Jim Tynen | Tagged ,

    We hear a lot about how Medicaid is free — but it may not be as free as you think. And Obamacare seems set to leave more grieving survivors with a nasty surprise. The Seattle Times found buried in that state's Medicaid rules a provision that mandates "estate recovery"  — allowing the  government to dun […]

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    Examining Common Core: Better Late Than Never

    Posted in Education By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    The North Carolina legislature adopted Common Core standards for math and English in 2010 with little discussion. More than three years later, legislators have finally formed a committee to take a closer look at the controversial standards. Today the N&O printed an oped by Civitas Education analyst Bob Luebke discussing the new committee. What will […]

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