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    TN. Court Tosses Lawsuit Challenging New Voter ID Law

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Susan Myrick | Tagged , , ,

    There's good news, coming out of Tennessee. J. Christian Adams reports, in his article for P.J. Media, that a federal court in Tennessee has thrown out a lawsuit brought by the Green Party challenging that state's voter ID law. Adams says that United States District Court Judge Ronnie Greer relied on the Crawford v. Marion […]

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    Bobby Jindal Ruffles Feathers in Washington

    Posted in Civitas Events By Jim Tynen | Tagged ,

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal created a ruckus this week when he stepped up to the microphones after a meeting of the National Governors Association. The fuss was all the greater because the mics were outside the White House. “The Obama economy is now the minimum wage economy,” Jindal said, among other things. In Washington, a […]

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    Could NC Require Food Stamp Recipients to Work?

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics By Jim Tynen | Tagged , ,

    Polls taken across the nation have shown support for requiring able-bodied food stamp recipients or other welfare recipients to work. In recent years, however, work requirements were removed from the food stamp program. There is reportedly an opportunity to change that in North Carolina. The new farm bill (Subtitle A, section 4022) includes authorization for […]

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    School Choice and Common Sense

    Posted in Education By Bob Luebke | Tagged

    Our friend State Senator Jason Nelsen of Oklahoma is out dispensing a whole lot of common sense — again. Earlier this week Jay Greene's Blog included an interesting exchange between Nelsen and a reporter interviewing Sen. Nelsen about  his proposal to provide parents in Oklahoma with Education Savings Accounts (Read entire interview by Oklahoma Watch […]

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    Gov. McCrory Talks Election Reform On Crossfire

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Susan Myrick | Tagged , , , ,

    After Crossfire host Van Jones, former Obama administration appointee, grossly mischaracterised North Carolina's new voting law (among other things) while introducing Gov. McCrory, the Gov. of Missouri, Jay Nixon,  injected himself into the debate. Nixon seemed to scoff at Gov. McCrory, then said, "I don't think voting should be that hard. I think voting should be easy and we […]

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