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    More Obamacare Destruction — and a Possible Successor

    Posted in Healthcare By Jim Tynen | Tagged , ,

    Sen. Richard Burr spoke today at a John Locke Foundation luncheon about his and Sen. Tom Coburn's plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. I don't pretend to be able at this point to evaluate it, but it has to be of interest to conservatives. Let's assume most readers have heard why Obamacare is unworkable. […]

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    CLC Delivers Potent Messages

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    Our Conservative Leadership Conference is garnering good feedback from many of the 500-some people who took part in two days of events, with 30 experts and speakers illuminating the key topics of our time. Here's a sample of things you might have heard if you were lucky enough to be there: "When I walked into […]

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    Quotes from Walter Williams at CLC

    Posted in Civitas Events By Jim Tynen

    At our Conservative Leadership Conference, Walter Williams gave a speech last night that was by turns sobering and scintillating. Here are a few quotes: "Private property and free enterprise [today] are mere skeletons of their past." "We own less and less of our most valuable property — namely ourselves and the fruits of our labor." […]

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    CLC Speaker: Legal Trouble for Obamacare

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    One of our CLC speakers, John Fund, updates us on a legal peril the Affordable Care Act faces: Obamacare was under assault from two directions this week in the courts. The Supreme Court heard the Hobby Lobby religious-liberty case, a dispute over whether corporations could be forced to supply contraceptives as part of their health plans. But […]

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    Indiana repeals Common Core

    Posted in Education By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    Congratulations to our friends Erin Tuttle and Heather Crossin of Hoosiers Against Common Core.  Earlier this week Indiana became the first state to repeal the Common Core Standards. On Monday Indiana Governor Mike Pence, signed  legislation (subscription may be required)  saying Indiana will no longer use Common Core math and English Standards.  Indiana was one […]

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