Raleigh’s Russian Connection: Capstrat & Ken

Surprisingly the Russia/Ukraine conflict story has a Raleigh connection. That would be the Ken Eudy led Capstrat, the Raleigh PR/consulting firm which has ties to the Democratic party, and which was bought by the DC Lobbying firm Ketchum.  Ketchum just announced it was sticking with Putin and keeping Russia as a client.

“Ketchum has worked for the Russian government since 2006, when it helped the country prepare for the Group of Eight Summit in St. Petersburg. The firm held (sic) with research and media rollout for Putin’s 2007 “Person of the Year” award by Time Magazine and contacted The New York Times last year about an op-ed written by the Russian president, according to Justice Department records.”

During this time period, Russia invaded Georgia, provided support to the nuclear weapon program in Iran and helped Assad remain in power in Syria. Now Russia has successfully separated Crimea from Ukraine.

Capstrat, headed by former North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Ken Eudy, was bought by Ketchum in 2013.  Capstrat for years has seemed to use its extensive political connections to land lucrative contracts from state government. Since the Republican takeover of state government they have tried to bring in staffers with possible connections to the new majority but have not been able to regain the foothold they once had. Perhaps looking for business in Russia is easier…

Florida NBC2 Investigative Reporter Uncovers Voter Fraud

The surprise isn’t that non-citizens are voting in our elections, its that a reporter for a mainstream media news organization is investigating, verifying and reporting on voter fraud.

It really is no surprise that there is voter fraud or that non-citizens register to vote and vote in the U.S. In Florida, as in North Carolina, there is no requirement to prove one’s citizenship in order to register and vote. As in Florida, North Carolina only asks a registrant to check a box, attesting to the fact that they are a citizen – it’s called the honor system.

In the NBC2 news clip, non-citizens admit to voting and one, though she claims she doesn’t know how she is registered, had voted six times. Another voter said that it was “their” fault that he was registered, but the reporter had a copy of his registration form that the voter had signed and it was clear that he had indicated that he was a U.S. Citizen with a check of a box.

Andy Pierrotti, the NBC2 reporter that headed up the investigation, used jury excusal forms and compared them to the voter rolls to find the illegal voters. Something similar was done in North Carolina in 2012.

The video includes a great segment of a “voter/actor” who was almost forced to vote although he kept insisting that he wanted to show his Columbian passport. The former director wanted an investigation into Project Veritas – not so much the illegal voters.

North Carolina took a step toward promoting integrity in elections in the last legislative session. They should now move to require proof of citizenship in order to register to vote.