An Open Letter From Civitas Board Chair to NC House Repub Caucus

The following email was sent from Civitas Institute Board Chair Bob Luddy to House Republican Caucus members expressing his opinion of the “Liberal House spending plan”:

Subject: House Budget, Major new spending and no Tax Relief

Dear House Caucus Members,

Since 2010, I’ve given consistently to help elect House Republicans.  We now find that based on the Republican budget, special interests such as film producers, non-competitive solar energy manufacturers and out of state companies are favored over hard-working taxpayers and North Carolina businesses.  

I had planned to donate $25,000 this year to the House Republican Caucus to help re-elect a conservative super-majority.

Unfortunately, after seeing the $1.3 billion in additional spending and no across the board tax relief in the proposed house budget I had to reconsider. 

Today, I decided to give the $25,000 intended for the House Caucus to Americans for Prosperity NC to fight the Liberal House spending plan.