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    New Debt, Crony Tax Carve-Outs and Fee Hikes Galore in House Budget Plan

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Civitas Review By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    A House budget document sent to House Finance Committee members Sunday night includes sections focused on proposed new debt along with tax and fee changes being considered for the 2015 state budget. The committee will debate these proposals this evening. The fingerprints of special interest lobbyists are all over the tax sections, with targeted tax […]

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    Details From NC House Budget Plan Begin to Trickle Out

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Civitas Review By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    Some preliminary details of the House budget plan were revealed yesterday in various appropriation committees. WRAL has a brief rundown. Some highlights include: In education, overall spending increased by a little over 3 percent. The funding plan accounts for enrollment growth in public K-12 schools as well as universities and community colleges. As drafted, the […]

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    Feds Drop IRS Seizure Case Against NC Biz Owner

    Posted in Civitas Review, Miscellaneous By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    Federal prosecutors have dropped the case against a North Carolina small businesses owner. Lyndon McLellan, a convenience store owner in rural Robeson County, became an emblem for the many ways that IRS seizure and civil forfeiture laws have dogged run-of-the-mill business owners who operate with cash. For nearly a year, the 50-year-old Fairmont man has […]

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    Speaker Moore: Massive Volvo Package "Just Didn't Add Up" for NC

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Civitas Review By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    At an NC Chamber meeting this week, Gov. McCrory, House Speaker Tim Moore and other legislative leaders talked state budget and economic incentives. McCrory focused on maintaining his message that NC needs to reach deeper into taxpayer wallets to send a "clear and concise and consistent message" that the state is willing to bribe politically-connected corporations […]

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    Solar Power Will Roil Industry

    Posted in Civitas Review, Transportation & Infrastructure By Jim Tynen | Tagged ,

    A post over at NC Capitol Connection delves into the underlying forces in the debate over renewable energy. Matt Caulder writes: While home solar production costs have dropped drastically, now at less than $1 a kilowatt hour, solar power is still very far from replacing the market, just as vegetable-oil-powered vehicles have not supplanted gasoline […]

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