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    Academic Study: NC's Spending Growth "Unsustainable"; Pension Liability Far Larger Than Reported

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    A new study released by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University takes a close look at financial health of North Carolina state government. Among the findings: Real (inflation-adjusted) state spending per capita has increased fourfold in North Carolina since 1970. Three sources of revenue allowed for this increase: (1) tax increases, (2) increased debt, […]

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    Tax Foundation to NC Legislators: Expand Sales Tax Base, Eliminate Tax on Capital Stock

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    From the N&O: Legislators heard a call Tuesday to further expand sales taxes and eliminate the capital stock tax – a conservative think tank’s proposal for continuing the state’s tax code overhaul.       The Tax Foundation, based in Washington, D.C., presented its report on North Carolina’s business tax climate, painting a rosy picture […]

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    Next Bubble to Burst: Auto Loans?

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    That's the question examined by this article published by the Mises Institute. The article draws comparisons to the housing bubble that burst around 2008, triggering the Great Recession: Artificially low interest rates resulting from massive amounts of new credit expansion encouraging the purchase of consumer durable goods financed via cheap credit. Instead of learning from […]

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    Crony Gov't Handouts a "Stick in the Eye"

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    This according to state Senator Andy Wells (R-Catawba). From the N&O   A state senator from Hickory is denouncing as a political “poke in the eye with a stick” a promise of state incentives to Corning Inc., which will move about 500 workers from his city to Mecklenburg. Corning Inc. announced last month that it would […]

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    Thanks for a Great 2015 – See You in 2016!

    Posted in Miscellaneous By Brian Balfour

    Civitas will be on a short break over the Holiday season, but look for us to be back and better than ever in 2016.

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