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    UNC President Search: The Ends Do Not Justify the Means

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    By Jenna A. Robinson Recently, the Raleigh News & Observer revealed that the UNC Presidential Search Committee’s top candidate for the next system president is former U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. Spellings is certainly a better choice than others who have been rumored, including WCU chancellor David Belcher, Iowa State University President Steven Leath, […]

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    Ashley Madison Fallout Hits North Carolina

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    Our probe into the Ashley Madison hack also focuses on this danger: public employees accessing such web sites are exposing a trove of private information to hackers.

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    Should Bureaucrats Get Kids' Intimate Health Records?

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    The Center for Law and Freedom's Elliot Engstrom has written an important article about the state Senate's opportunity to rein in a process that raises troubling questions about how the education and health systems respect family and student privacy. The Senate is now considering HB 13, which among other things would expand but also clarify […]

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    Which Is NC's Biggest 'Sanctuary' City

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    At NC Capitol Connection, Matt Caulder updates his look at sanctuary cities in North Carolina. Can you guess which city so far most fervently embraces such policies? Click here to find out.

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    Vote Law Opponents Stuck in the Past

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    Civitas' Susan Myrick is in Winston-Salem covering a federal court case over whether North Carolina's new voting law is constitutional. She'll be back soon to provide a fuller analysis. But let's look at one thing: How opponents of the law are stuck in the past. As progressives, they constantly tell us they are the wave […]

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