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    Voter ID: 'It's Over'

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    A move by the legislature guts voter ID in North Carolina.

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    GOP Caves on Voter ID

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    In a stunning development, the General Assembly has virtually repealed the voter ID requirement. Note how on our current web page a featured story by Susan Myrick shows how the actual facts have refuted the claims of opponents of voter ID. Yes, a case was looming in federal court — on an issue in which […]

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    What you think you know about big money politics in North Carolina is about to change…

    Posted in Civitas Review, Politicians & Politicking By Civitas Staff

    The video above has just been released and highlights the new website from Civitas. In particular, this video also delves into the Reynolds family and the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation. Visit the site, and be sure to leave some comments for us.

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    Noted Pollster Gives Edge to Tillis

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    A new Civitas Poll showed that House Speaker Thom Tillis rebounded when matched head-to-head against Sen. Kay Hagan in their race for the U.S. Senate. Adam Geller of National Research conducts our regular polls. He spoke at our recent Poll Lunch,  analyzed the findings and explained why he gives the edge right now to Republican […]

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    Gov., Senate Feature Conflicting Medicaid Numbers

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    State Budget Director Art Pope addressed the Senate Appropriations committee this morning under threat of subpoena. The issue addressed was Medicaid and the amount of funds the state budget should allocate towards this program. The Senate budget sets aside nearly $300 million more for Medicaid than the governor’s or the House’s budget. The state has […]

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