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    NCAE exec pay: who's working for whom?

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    These have not been good years for NCAE, North Carolina's largest organization -technically an association – dedicated to fighting for the interests of teachers.  Membership has been declining. And, aside from 2012-13 which included a 1.2 percent salary increase for teachers, teacher salaries have been essentially flat. Except for a few individuals, compensation for most […]

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    Group Launches Ad Criticizing Roy Cooper's "Petty Politics" on Coal Ash

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    Carolina Rising has released this new ad critical of NC Attorney General Roy Cooper's involvement in the Duke coal ash spill. “North Carolina’s fight to keep rivers clean from coal should be free from politics, but Roy Cooper can’t help himself….” the ad states. The ad continues “Even Democrats say Cooper is playing petty politics […]

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    Moral Monday Strikes Its Tent

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    So it was just a show all along. At the Monday rally at Halifax Mall, the Rev. William Barber announced that it was the last Moral Monday rally. It was no longer going to be Moral Mondays, he said. Now it was "a Moral March … to the polls!" So the protesters aren't a powerless, […]

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    What Right Do Protesters Want Only for Themselves?

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    The Moral Monday protesters want to barge into the legislature whenever and however they want. But they themselves insist on conducting their meetings the way they want, with special treatment for their leaders. The rallies are well scripted and carefully organized. An emcee, even NAACP head William Barber at times, will gently move speakers on […]

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    Want higher wages? Legalize fracking

    Posted in Economics, Environment & Energy By Civitas Staff | Tagged , , ,

    Protesters from North Carolina’s “Moral Monday” movement, as well as other grassroots protests around the nation, have cited an increase in minimum wages as one of their chief goals. What happens, however, when government acquiesces to such demands? Seattle, Wash., recently approved a measure that would over several years raise the city’s required minimum wage […]

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