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    Blog Post Blurts Out the Truth

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    In the wake of a whistleblower resigning (translation: being pushed in front of a bus) from the University of North Carolina, one political observer provides a revealing look at the mindset of the "progressive" side. It’s in a blog post by Gary Pearce, a former N&O reporter and a longtime aide, and “unabashed fan,” of […]

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    WCPSS press conference: what they didn't tell you

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    Last week's press conference  by Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) officials isn't sitting well with many. WCPSS officials called the press conference at Underwood Elementary School to highlight a 41 percent increase in teacher resignations and the need for higher salaries to attract and retain teachers. WCPSS distributed a chart that showed 612 teachers […]

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    March Sums Up Liberalism: 'Extend Unemployment'

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    The big march Saturday included people with signs that perfectly sum up liberalism: "Extend Unemployment."That is exactly what modern liberalism does: It extends unemployment.When the recession began, the number of long-term unemployed people was a bit over one million; now it's 3.6 million, a news report says. So when you read the news reports about […]

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    Monday Protests Exposed as Political Theater

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    According to news outlets, more "Moral Monday" cases are ending in acquittals or  being tossed out of court — which sheds light on what the disturbances really are. Prosecutors said they will drop pending cases against those arrested in the May 20 disturbances, after a judge acquitted five accused demonstrators. Reportedly it was difficult for […]

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    Local Government Frustrations

    Posted in Life & Family Issues, Miscellaneous By Civitas Staff

    Dear City of Rocky Mount, I received a letter from you in the mail saying, “You are invited to attend an information meeting to be held on Thursday, October 17, 2013…The purpose of this meeting is to inform you and your neighbors of a proposed rezoning request…”  Needless to say, the letter left me with […]

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