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    Where Does NC Stand on the Death Penalty?

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    The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled last week that capital punishment is unconstitutional in that state. Connecticut had recently enacted a law under which the death penalty could not be enacted in future cases but convicted criminals who had been sentenced to death would have their sentences carried out. This new ruling, however, commutes all such […]

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    'Raise the Age' Looks Dead … for Now

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    HB 725 “Raise the Age” may be dead for this year, but don’t be surprised if we see it again. The North Carolina General Assembly website indicates the bill is “held in the Senate Clerk’s Office,” which means the Senate has not even considered the bill for this legislative session. That’s why it looks dead […]

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    Did AECOM officials contradict themselves in Event Center Study?

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    Rocky Mount held a City Council Meeting Monday night and heard from many residents about their concerns about the proposed Event Center. While the Council heard from everyone that wanted to speak, there was a question as to whether AECOM officials contradict themselves in their studies.  To see the whole meeting go to: One citizen […]

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    Does the media know what is really going on?

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    Turning to ABC11, the headline you see is “Capital Punishment back before the North Carolina Supreme Court.” Yes, this case has something to do with capital punishment, but the real news was that the North Carolina Supreme Court was hearing today oral arguments about the Racial Justice Act.  The Racial Justice Act has to do […]

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    2,822 Hours May Decrease After Short Session

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    Civitas recently asked the question “2,822 hours of Crime Analysts time is spent on what?” The 2,822 hours were spent on being in the court system to testify because of a Supreme Court ruling in which the high court held that it was a violation of the Sixth Amendment right of confrontation for a prosecutor to submit […]

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