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    Political Donors at North Carolina Universities

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    Campus Reform, a part of the Leadership Institute in Washington D.C., has posted the “Conservative Guide to the Top 100 Schools.”  In it, information about the top 100 universities in the country regarding campus political life can be found.  An interesting tidbit is what percentage of political donors at different schools donated to Democrats in […]

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    Budget Crisis Presents New GOP Majority with Opportunity

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    According to a report by the National Conference of State Legislatures, North Carolina is on pace to have, by percentage, the third largest budget deficit in the country. Behind only Nevada (32%) and New Jersey (26%), North Carolina faces an impending 20.3% budget deficit.  The Conference estimates, in real numbers, the deficit to be $3.8 […]

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    Competitive Districts Can Reduce Partisanship

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    The News & Observer is reporting that Senator Bob Rucho (R-Mecklenburg) will chair the Senate redistricting committee.  The article says that the GOP “could district lines that make it easier for GOP candidates to win elections.”  A fair and impartial drawing of the electoral map, as opposed to the obviously gerrymandered districts we currently have, […]

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    Requiring Photo ID to Vote

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    “Who are you?  Tell me who you are.” These are infamous words of former United States Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC).  You can watch the video of the incident here. The next time you head to the polls, precinct workers may, by law, require that you provide photo identification to answer former Congressman’s question.  Per the […]

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    Easley Ineligible to Run for Sheriff; N&O Hosts Pity Party

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    This much is certain: Mike Easley will not be the next sheriff in your county.  Our former governor is now a convicted felon and per the constitutional amendment passed just this month, convicted felons are ineligible to serve as sheriff.  Speaking of Governor Easley… This weekend, the News & Observer ran an article (read it […]

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