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    What's Easier: Real or Phony ACA Sign-ups?

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    The Affordable Care Act's problems keep mounting. A North Carolina TV station found that people are still having problems signing up for the program — a.k.a. Obamacare. (HT to Carolina Plott Hound.) Meanwhile, how easy is it to sign up fraudulently? It's very easy, according to the federal Government Accountability Office. In other words, under […]

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    How Obamacare Ruling May Roil NC

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    The latest chaos associated with Obamacare could have an impact on North Carolina. A ruling yesterday by a federal court was a major jolt to the health care law. A D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals panel wrote that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) does not allow the IRS to pay subsidies to enrollees in federal […]

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    Guess What Grade NC Gets for Small-Business Friendliness

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    North Carolina authorities like to tout surveys about how business-friendly the state is. I haven't heard much about a new survey by a website called Thumbtack and the Kauffman Foundation, as mentioned in The Economist magazine. The state's overall rating was a C-plus. Most of its individual grades were above average, but not sterling. It's […]

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    What Rep. Stam Really Said

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    The news media and the left have been all in a flutter about comments by Rep. Paul Stam asking for a definition of "sexual orientation." Read the actual transcript below. Note that none of the other lawmakers would yield the floor for a question. Then compare his actual comments to the media accounts. SB 793, […]

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    Moral Mondays – Fizzling Out?

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    This week, Moral Monday took an interesting turn; instead of ending in arrests, the evening ended with a civil discussion and an eerie march through the State Legislative Building. Monday evening in front of Sen. Phil Berger’s office 15 protestors camped out in the name of education reform. When the building closed, the small group […]