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    Five Lessons from Coolidge

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    Our new video clip of an interview with Amity Shlaes highlights why Calvin Coolidge was a successful leader, and  conservatives can find encouragement and counsel in it. For the challenges are daunting. Sometimes it looks as if government programs are never reduced, much less ended. The media and the academy distort the public picture of […]

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    Affordable Care Premiums to Rise 136% in NC

    Posted in Healthcare By Jim Tynen

    A new study shows that under the Affordable Care Act underlying health insurance premiums will be going up an average of 136 percent in North Carolina. That is an average, of course. Also, that doesn't include the subsidies promised to people in North Carolina. But the Supreme Court is now looking at whether Obamacare subsidies […]

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    The first 'exit poll' for the Hagan-Tillis race

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    Our final poll shows a dead heat in the Senate race. As it includes some people who have already voted, you could call it the first "exit poll." At your pre-election event, Dem consultant Brad Crone predicts Kay Hagan pulls out a win. The political future: the unaffiliated voters. Republican consultant Michael Luethy: it really […]

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    Five More ACA Horror Stories

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    You'll be hearing a lot about how the Affordable Care Act helps patients, but the exact opposite is true: the Affordable Care act hurts patients, especially because it pushes them into the inferior Medicaid program. Five new stories of health care disasters: 1. One North Carolina pediatrician, Dr. Rosemary Stein of Burlington, recently wrote in […]

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    Coolidge Showed Spending Can Be Cut

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    Do we need a man like … Calvin Coolidge … again? That is a question that has to be taken seriously, thanks to the fine work of bestselling author Amity Shlaes, who was in Raleigh on Thursday to talk about Coolidge, her biography of the 30th president. Today he’s only a vague and somewhat humorous […]