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    Providing Public Records Is McCrory Admin's Business

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    Imagine that your house caught fire, and when you called the fire department, the fire chief told you they had to charge you a fee to look up your address, and then additional fees for actually coming out to your house and putting out the blaze. That's what the McCrory administration is doing when it […]

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    Flash Polls Illuminated Fall Elections

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    Now that it’s naturally time to look back on 2014, we thought it might be a good idea to look at results of flash polls Civitas commissioned in the fall. As we always say, any poll is a snapshot of public opinion at one point in time. These are most revealing when we have a […]

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    5 Key Factors on Fracking Rules

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    If you want a more accurate picture of energy development in NC than the mainstream media provide, check out this story in NC Capitol Connection. Let’s look at five key factors. Is NC rushing headfirst into hydraulic fracturing? The opposite is true: the Tar Heel State has dragged its feet on the process, also known […]

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    Five Lessons from Coolidge

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    Our new video clip of an interview with Amity Shlaes highlights why Calvin Coolidge was a successful leader, and  conservatives can find encouragement and counsel in it. For the challenges are daunting. Sometimes it looks as if government programs are never reduced, much less ended. The media and the academy distort the public picture of […]

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    Affordable Care Premiums to Rise 136% in NC

    Posted in Healthcare By Jim Tynen

    A new study shows that under the Affordable Care Act underlying health insurance premiums will be going up an average of 136 percent in North Carolina. That is an average, of course. Also, that doesn't include the subsidies promised to people in North Carolina. But the Supreme Court is now looking at whether Obamacare subsidies […]