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    You Lose If Mudcats Grab $1.5M Scoreboard

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    What would you say to an investment adviser who said, “I want you to invest some money in a failing enterprise”? Especially if she added, “You’ve already put a bunch of money into this, so you’ve got to put in more to keep from losing all of it!” You’d fire her on the spot. Or, […]

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    What's Easier: Real or Phony ACA Sign-ups?

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    The Affordable Care Act's problems keep mounting. A North Carolina TV station found that people are still having problems signing up for the program — a.k.a. Obamacare. (HT to Carolina Plott Hound.) Meanwhile, how easy is it to sign up fraudulently? It's very easy, according to the federal Government Accountability Office. In other words, under […]

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    How Obamacare Ruling May Roil NC

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    The latest chaos associated with Obamacare could have an impact on North Carolina. A ruling yesterday by a federal court was a major jolt to the health care law. A D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals panel wrote that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) does not allow the IRS to pay subsidies to enrollees in federal […]

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    Guess What Grade NC Gets for Small-Business Friendliness

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    North Carolina authorities like to tout surveys about how business-friendly the state is. I haven't heard much about a new survey by a website called Thumbtack and the Kauffman Foundation, as mentioned in The Economist magazine. The state's overall rating was a C-plus. Most of its individual grades were above average, but not sterling. It's […]

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    What Rep. Stam Really Said

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    The news media and the left have been all in a flutter about comments by Rep. Paul Stam asking for a definition of "sexual orientation." Read the actual transcript below. Note that none of the other lawmakers would yield the floor for a question. Then compare his actual comments to the media accounts. SB 793, […]