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    NCSU Students Travel to Forsyth County to Advocate for Early Voting Site at WSSU

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    North Carolina's 100 county board of elections are in the process of making one-stop early voting site selections for the November election. This article looks at Forsyth County's process and reports that three NC State Students drove all the way from Raleigh to voice their support for the Anderson Center at Winston-Salem State University to […]

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    Democrat Officials, Ex-aide Testify on Voter Law

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    Testimony in a challenge to North Carolina's new voter reform law on Monday talked of the fears of minority voters — but the testimony provided little data to back up the charges. A federal judge in Winston-Salem is being asked to halt key sections of the law, including fewer early voting days and the elimination […]

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    The N&O: the Media Wing of NC's Liberal Left

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    Articles in the News & Observer this week proved two things to be certain: Number 1, the mainstream media is truly the media arm of the "Eviscerate" Blueprint NC gang and, Number 2, Rob Christensen from the N&O is a joke who, with his last article basically co-written by Bob Hall of Democracy NC, has […]

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    N.C. Legislature May Make it Legal for the Dead to Vote

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    House Bill 1267 is a great example of the old adage "hard cases make bad law." It was drafted in honor of   U.S. Senate candidate Mark Harris’ father, who cast a ballot during the early voting period this year but passed away before May's primary Election Day. Speaker of the House Thom Tillis, co-sponsor of […]

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    State House Approves Funds for Elections Investigators

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    From a State Board of Elections news release today we learn that: The House today approved its version of Senate Bill 744, allocating funds for additional investigators at the State Board of Elections. The measure now moves to the Senate for reconciliation." The release quoted Kim Strach, Executive Director of the SBE, as saying, “Additional […]

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