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Green Fever Has Hit North Carolina


Take a look at this recently published Civitas opinion article in the Lincoln Tribune.  The article provides an overview of the legislators who have caught "Green Fever" and their green agenda.  The green agenda, pushed by global warming alarmist Al Gore among others, will inhibit private economic growth and provide a means by which government can control individuals and private industry.  Reps. Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford), Alice Graham Underhill (D-Pamlico) and Winkie Wilkins (D-Durham) seem to be suffering most from "Green Fever."

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  • Duke Cheston says:
    Jun 30 at 17:04

    Jim Leutze, former UNCW chancellor and ardent treehugger, will probably be "greenest" of all if he makes it to the Senate, just a heads up.

  • Jim Leutze says:
    Jul 16 at 13:56

    More right-wing hyperbole! I am at least a moderate on green issues. Did you notice that I was over on Masonboro Island on July 4th helping cleanup the island so that it will not be closed to public access? Yeah, I favor clean air and clean water and good responsible development so that we can attract more good jobs and more retirees. And, as crazy or “green,” as it may seem, I also like trees and the ordinances that protect them. I voted to allow the General Assembly to consider terminal groins. See if you can come up with something of substance next time.

  • Duke Cheston says:
    Dec 13 at 18:34

    More left-wing hyperbole!

    Jim, helping pick up trash and liking clean air and water is not what makes you extreme. Your views that I linked to in the Metro article are, however, about as green as anyone, advocating the spending of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars (and raising taxes even more during a recession) so that a favored non-profit can buy land. For what purposes? As far as I can tell, just to let it sit there and be, uh, natural.