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"Moral Monday" Protester Demands Would Cost NC Taxpayers $10 Billion Each Year


Yesterday Civitas posted an article estimating the cost to taxpayers of a partial list of the demands of the Moral Monday/NAACP crowd.  Then yesterday evening, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger's office released a draft of a budget amendment that was drawn up by General Assembly staff that included several of the MM/NAACP demands.

The Berger amendment enabled Civitas to assign cost estimates on several more demands. With the additional data, we have been able to identify roughly $10 billion in costs to comply with the "Moral Monday" demands.

That amount is an annual figure that would most likely grow over time. For some perspective, a $10 billion increase in spending would mark a 50% increase in the state's General Fund budget. It would cost each NC family of four an additional $4,000 each year in taxes.

Not only would the dramatic increase in taxes required to fund these demands crush our state's economy, the MM crowd also wants to destroy thousands of job opportunities by pricing low-skilled workers out of the workforce via an increase in the minimum wage.

Tallying a price tag to the "Moral Monday"/NAACP protester's demands reveals just how extremist they are.

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  • Holly Jones says:
    Jun 11 at 08:02

    We can not oafford their demands.

  • Rattlerjake says:
    Jun 11 at 08:37

    I doubt that you could find one indiviual in that whole MM group that has an IQ higher than their shoe size, and guaranteed not a single :thriving" business owner or financial expert!

  • jim of Raleigh says:
    Jun 11 at 09:33

    These people need education on reality. Until you contribute you can't understand. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for the country. JFK was right but the left doesn't get it.

  • Richard says:
    Jun 11 at 09:42

    WHY SHOULD MY MONEY BE USED TO SUPPORT THE NAACP?? They are nothing but total racist.

  • Mike Upchurch says:
    Jun 11 at 09:44

    Most people vote and campaign for what it is best for them personally, and not what is best for NC. They are willing to cook the goose that is laying the golden eggs.

  • Sue says:
    Jun 11 at 10:14

    Wonder what the cost would be if every single resident of NC were taxed? Always easy to spend other's money.

  • gary zee says:
    Jun 11 at 10:31

    could we talk about where the $ is going and 4 what

  • Rosey Kidd says:
    Jun 11 at 12:01

    These idiots are extremely deceitful and asking for outrageous demands ,whose taxes are they going to raise .since we do not have much jobs .
    Flat tax for everyone .see how quickly they'll jump of the band wagon .
    Low information, barely can read and always wanting what other's sweat for .
    No more Taxes ..

  • YoYoman says:
    Jun 11 at 12:18

    Low information white trash. LMAO reading the comments here, hardly a correct sentence anywhere!

    Comical that this organization can label anyone extremist.

  • Mike Stone says:
    Jun 11 at 12:37

    To YoYoman: Speaking of correct sentence structure, there should be a period after the, "here" rather than a comma. That would make the next clause an incomplete sentence since it has no verb.

    Amazing that you can't seem to address the issue of the article, but rather you post of your perception of some imagined grammatical issue with those posting comments. Seriously?

    Tell me again about the "low information" people you are referencing?

  • WECarter says:
    Jun 11 at 16:52

    The Reverend is just another liberal/progressive who wants someone else to pay all the bills for the human debris that he represents. As most of this crowd are 80% Democrat, that policy is expected. After the election in 2012 when McCrory won by over 500,000 votes, I don't expect a big change in leadership this November by the current adults in charge of making policy and laws.

  • YoYoman says:
    Jun 12 at 16:04

    Tell you again? I never told you before. Seriously?

  • Michael J Markoff says:
    Jun 18 at 10:25

    To those of us who read these posts, some of who may be "older", the posts by YoYoman are intended to sidetrack and anger. This is known as "trolling". YoYoman is what is known as a "troll", and this should be the last attention given to that impetuous child.
    Speaking of children; The "Moral Monday" crowd is composed of mindless drones, and is incited by impetuous children who are trolling them. In my recent reread of Orwell's "1984", Moral Monday fits in perfectly with The Ministry of Truth (in charge of eliminating the truth), The Ministry of Love (In charge of torture and murder), and The Ministry of Plenty (in charge of creating artificial deprivation and starvation). It's worth a read.

  • YoYoman says:
    Jun 23 at 17:54


    Good recommendation of "1984". However, it's a little too much for most of the audience here.

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