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N&O: Perpetuating the Tax-Growth Myth

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The News & Observer is playing handmaiden to the left again. This time it's another "we need higher taxes to deal with growth" narrative. Don't believe it for a second. These are social engineers who want your money to expand social services and build expensive, but useless projects such as light rail.

Think of it like this: a 100 lb. woman and a 200 lb. man both blow .08 on the Breathalizer test when pulled over by the police. While the 200 lb man may have drunk much more alcohol, the percentage of alcohol in his blood is the same.

Analogously, why would we need higher taxes if more people are here paying taxes (and the influx is coming largely from people who are either buying property, or buying property AND spending money AND holding jobs)? That's all a proportional tax revenue increase. The only reason we would need more or higher taxes is if government is being wasteful or social engineering. Of course, it goes without saying that…

But when's the last time you heard the N&O or the government think about making cuts or efficiency measures? Speaking truth to power, they don't.
-Max Borders

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