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Second Budget Deadline Likely to be Missed


The chances for a state budget deal before the August 31 deadline are pretty slim. From WRAL:

With just a week left before their second extended deadline, state lawmakers appear no closer to reaching agreement on their $21.74 billion budget plan.  

House and Senate leaders and Gov. Pat McCrory announced last Tuesday they had finally agreed on the size of the budget – a crucial first step in the process. But as of Monday, they hadn’t yet agreed on the spending targets for the various areas of state government, such as education or health and human services.

The budget, due by law July 1, is already 55 days overdue as of Monday. Lawmakers first gave themselves a deadline extension of 45 days. When there was no agreement, they passed a second continuing resolution for an additional 16 days, pushing back the deadline to Aug. 31.

Sen. Tom Apodaca R-Henderson, the Senate's lead budget negotiator, said Monday that lawmakers will need another extension.

“I don’t think it’s humanly possible it can happen before the 31st, but we can really get down the road and get the budget moving,” Apodaca told reporters. “We should know more within the next 24 hours.

Medicaid reform, state employee pay, teacher assistants, the governor's bond package and corporate welfare programs are all major sticking points between the House and Senate.

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  • Maria says:
    Aug 26 at 20:53

    Ridiculous government can miss dead lines over and over with zero consequences to the lawmakers!

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