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Senate releases budget targets for education

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The Senate released its budget targets at this morning’s meeting of the Senate Education/Higher Education Committee.  Overall, the Senate aims to spend approximately $10.6 billion on all of public education. That’s $671 million less than Gov. Perdue’s proposed budget, $1.2 billion less than the 2011-12 base budget and approximately $567 million less than public education (K-12, community colleges and UNC System) received last year.

Over the past few weeks the conventional wisdom was the Senate would likely take additional cuts from K-12 education and make fewer cuts to the UNC system.  The budget targets released this morning validate that thinking.   Relative to the House budget, the Senate budget targets another $106 million in cuts for the public schools and $22 million in reductions for Community Colleges. The Senate also hopes to restore an additional $87 million in funding to the UNC system. For a look at the Senate budget targets and how they compare with the Governor's budget and the House budget, click here.

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