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State Government's 'Waste of the Week'

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This week marks a new regular feature by the Civitas Institute entitled "Waste of the Week." Think that NC state government has been "cut to the bone" and has been tightly trimmed to focus exclusively on 'core services' of state gov't?

Think again.

Each week Civitas will highlight a state government office, agency or expenditure that few would be hard-pressed to defend as a core function of state government. Many of these items may not come with a large price tag, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Consider these the “low hanging fruit” that should be easy for state legislators and budget writers to eliminate.

Those lawmakers who claim to want to limit the size and scope of state government should pay close attention, as should voters. If legislators can’t even find it in themselves to eliminate the items featured in this series, then what will they be willing to eliminate?

The first installment in this series focuses on state occupational licensing boards and commissions. These are groups that require licensing and other unneccessary regulations for mostly service-sector professionals, and serve as a means to protect existing businesses from potential competition. Restricted competition hurts consumers.

A recent state audit also pointed out that these boards and commissions have such little state oversight that there is not even agreement as to exactly how many there are.

To learn more about this week's "Waste of the Week," click here.

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  • Michael J Markoff,D.M.D. says:
    Aug 27 at 20:56

    In 2012, I moved from NJ and began the arduous task of obtaining an NC Dental license. I have been diplomate of The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons since 1989, with thousands of hrs of continuing education, yet the NC Board of Dental Examiners required my college transcripts on top of many other redundant layers of documentation. After 6 months I received my "license by credentials" only to have my license to give general anesthesia (a separate license) held-up because doctors on the outpatient anesthesia examiners list declined to be available for the required site visit. Each application and license requires initial and reapplication fees, as well as continuing education expenses and documentation. Quite the racket.

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