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    McCrory's Desire to Add Nearly $3 Billion to State Debt

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    From the N&O Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration wants the legislature to schedule a special election this November to let voters decide on a pair of proposals to borrow up to $2.8 billion to build new roads and renovate or replace state government buildings. Transportation Secretary Tony Tata told the N.C. Chamber on Thursday that the […]

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    McCrory Signs $800 M Gas Tax Hike; House Approves Tax Break for Cronies

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    Yesterday Gov. McCrory signed into law Senate Bill 20, which would result in a net $800 million increase in the state's gas tax according to estimates. The immediate impact is a 1.5 cent drop in the tax, but the new law sets the tax higher than it would have been as of July 1 if […]

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    NC Leg and Guv Agree: No Gas Tax Relief for NC Motorists This Summer

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Transportation & Infrastructure By Brian Balfour

    From The state House and Senate gave tentative approval on Monday to a bill that would drop the state's gas tax by 1.5 cents per gallon, with leaders in both chambers  saying they needed to ensure the short-term stability of North Carolina's primary source of state funds for road construction. Both chambers need to take a […]

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    A Free-Market Needle in the Corporate Welfare Haystack

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    This year's legislative session in NC has been largely dominated by countless corporate welfare schemes coming from both chambers, including expansion of taxpayer giveaway programs and several proposals to extend targeted tax credits to politically-chosen industries. A small ray of free-market light, however, poked its way through the crony capitalism clouds yesterday when SB 382 […]

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    Senate Sales Tax Redistribution Plan: Are Rural County Schools Really Under-funded?

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    As hinted at last week, the Senate yesterday introduced legislation that would alter how sales tax revenue is distributed to counties across the state. At a press conference yesterday, Sen. Majority leader Harry Brown discussed the reasoning: We're talking about a system that been in place for a long, long time that I think is […]

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