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    NC to Join 32 Other States That Don't Fund Driver's Ed

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    Wake County school leaders (and likely school leaders across the state) are up in arms about the state's elimination of funding for driver's ed programs. Wake County school leaders warned Tuesday that the state’s elimination of funding for driver’s education could endanger public safety and will lead to higher costs for parents and taxpayers to […]

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    UNC Centers and Institutions Finally Receiving Review by Board of Governors

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    The UNC Board of Governors is in the process of reviewing hundreds of centers and institutions housed throughout college campuses across the state. This review is long past due, as Civitas alluded to in 2009: Again, regrettably questions of duplication and public benefits emerge. For example, North Carolina Central University houses The Center on Family […]

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    Wake County Taxpayers Need to Brace Themselves for Light Rail Tax Hikes

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Transportation & Infrastructure By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    Last night at the taxpayer-funded Raleigh Convention Center, some taxpayer-funded consultants made a presentation to sell area residents on a taxpayer-funded transit scheme that includes wildly expensive light rail. From the N&O About 600 people came to the Raleigh Convention Center Monday for the opening pitch for a hotly anticipated transit plan, billed as holding […]

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    Five Lessons from Coolidge

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Elections & Campaigns, Politicians & Politicking By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , , ,

    Our new video clip of an interview with Amity Shlaes highlights why Calvin Coolidge was a successful leader, and  conservatives can find encouragement and counsel in it. For the challenges are daunting. Sometimes it looks as if government programs are never reduced, much less ended. The media and the academy distort the public picture of […]

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    N&O to New Wake Board: Voters Want More Central Planning and Tax Hikes

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    Yesterday's N&O included this editorial written to give advice to the new Wake County Board of Commissioners. To nobody's surprise, the advice includes more central planning and tax hikes. And the Democrats rightly could interpret their wins, all substantial, as evidence that the election was a referendum on the performance of the Republican majority. That […]