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  1. Jan

    All Aboard! Empty "Express" Buses are Waste of the Week

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    $110 per round-trip commute. That's what taxpayers are paying to subsidize riders of the Johnston County Express. The Express is a bus service established to help alleviate traffic headaches for commuters during the Fortify 40/440 project. But high costs and low ridership have turned this service into Civitas' Waste of the Week. The Express has […]

  2. Jan

    Taxes Matter: Lesson #6,278,901

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    The TV show "Sleepy Hollow" has announced that it will no longer film in Wilmington if renewed for a third season. Network executives site the expiration of NC's film tax credit program (which last year was converted to a much smaller grant program).  FOX’s hit TV show “Sleepy Hollow” will likely stop filming in North […]

  3. Jan

    "If Everyone Else Jumped Off a Bridge…"

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    As a kid, whenever I tried to justify a stupid decision to my parents by saying "but everyone else is doing it," the inevitable response would be: "if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?"  I suspect many of you experienced the same thing. But the "everyone else is doing it" seems […]

  4. Jan

    NASCAR HoF and Now Chiquita: Charlotte's Tough Week

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    Just days after Charlotte City Council announced it will write off more than $22 million in debt from the NASCAR Hall of Fame because of the Hall's financial problems, now Chiquita announces it will close its Charlotte headquarters. What do these things have in common? Both were lured to Charlotte with major government handouts. The […]

  5. 3

    DOT Targets Fracking; Are Trucks Not Used in Any Other Industry?

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    The NC Department of Transportation (DOT) released a study which attempts to estimate the amount of trucking traffic that would be required for a fracking site in NC. More than 1,600 trucks could haul sand, water and equipment for a single fracking operation in North Carolina, chewing up country roads and causing millions of dollars […]