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    Ben Carson Surges in Poll

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    Dr. Ben Carson is in second place in a new poll of possible Republican presidential candidates Of course, it's early. But he still showed surprising strength. BTW, he'll be the keynote speaker at our Conservative Leadership Conference on March 27-28.

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    De Luca, Adams Spotlight Election Trends

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    Earlier in April, a Civitas Flash Poll of likely Republican primary voters shows state House Speaker Thom Tillis nearing the 40 percent level needed to avoid a runoff vote. Tillis was the choice of 39 percent of the respondents. Twenty percent picked Cary physician Greg Brannon, and 15 percent chose Mark Harris, pastor of a […]

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    Walter Williams on Economic Myths and Realities

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    When Dr. Walter Williams spoke at CLC, he sat down with us for an exclusive interview. He covers a wide range of current topics, focusing especially on economic myths and realities. In about 19 minutes he gives a clear, powerful picture of why progressive policies fail and hurt the people they are meant to help, […]

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    At Civitas' CLC: Walter Williams Sums Up

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    Walter Williams, at the end of an exclusive interview for Civitas at CLC, in a couple of minutes eloquently summed up his thinking this way. Conservatives should keep that in mind: we too have to convince our fellow citizens of the moral superiority of personal liberty. While also reminding them that free people living in […]

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    CLC Delivers Potent Messages

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    Our Conservative Leadership Conference is garnering good feedback from many of the 500-some people who took part in two days of events, with 30 experts and speakers illuminating the key topics of our time. Here's a sample of things you might have heard if you were lucky enough to be there: "When I walked into […]

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