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    From Boston to Philly: New Visions Taking Shape

    Posted in Civitas Events, Economics, Healthcare, Politicians & Politicking By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , ,

    Last night, in offering the Tea Party response to the president,  Sen. Mike Lee of Utah observed that if the American Revolution started in Boston, it journeyed to Philadelphia. That is, the stirring of revolt had to be followed by concrete steps to change the government. Yesterday brought a couple of steps on that journey, […]

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    CLC Speaker Sen. Mike Lee to Give Conservative Response

    Posted in Civitas Events By Jim Tynen | Tagged ,

    Hanging around the house tonight? Well, the State of the Union Address will be on TV. Afterwards, however, one of our Conservative Leadership Conference speakers will be giving the Tea Party response. Utah Sen. Mike Lee will respond at You can "RSVP" for the online response here. According to the Deseret News: Brian Phillips, […]

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    CLC Speaker Sen. Mike Lee to Reply to 'State of the Union'

    Posted in Civitas Events By Jim Tynen

    U.S. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah will be speaking at our Conservative Leadership Conference — and he'll be speaking next Tuesday, Jan. 28,  in response to President Obama's State of the Union Address. According to Politico: "The Utah Republican will speak immediately after the traditional Republican response to the State of the Union, which begins […]

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    When no one person knows all the laws in North Carolina, is state law too extensive?

    Posted in Civitas Events, Legislative Activity, Public Safety By Netsmart

    Several weeks ago Civitas co-sponsored an event that brought together lawyers, legislators, and other professionals in the criminal justice industry. Jim Copland is the Director of the Center for Legal Policy at the Manhattan Institute, where his work focuses on litigation reform. Copland introduced the speakers, as well as set the stage for the event. He noted […]

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    Anatomy of a "Moral Monday" Protester

    Posted in Civitas Events, Elections & Campaigns, Legislative Activity, Politicians & Politicking By Susan Myrick | Tagged , ,

    The mainstream media likes to portray the "Moral Monday" protesters as a cross-section of North Carolina's citizens. But are these just ordinary people who are merely concerned with North Carolina's future and willing to sacrifice "their freedom and bodies" each Monday evening? Stay tuned to Civitas. We will soon be taking a closer look at […]

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