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    At CLC: GOP, Dems and Government's Role

    Posted in Civitas Events By Jim Tynen

    Lt. Gov. Dan Forest discussed government's role, perhaps highlighting a paradox the state GOP faces. Earlier, Jason Lewis reiterated that "government is the enemy," as Reagan once put it. But of course in North Carolina Republicans now control government. It might be said that, rhetoric aside, the real task is to return government to its […]

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    Conservative Leadership Conference Opens

    Posted in Civitas Events By Jim Tynen

    CLC opens today at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley hotel. We'll keep you posted on what happens here … unless, of course, the sequester brings an end to life as we know it.

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    CLC Speaker Lott Publishes New Book

    Posted in Civitas Events By Jim Tynen | Tagged , ,

    One of our Conservative Leadership Conference speakers, Dr. John Lott, has a new book out that sounds fascinating. From the publisher's Web site: What's the first thing a totalitarian regime takes away from its citizens. Their guns. For Barack Obama, that's only the beginning. He is determined to take away your guns, your privacy, you […]

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    Malkin on Medicaid Rip-offs

    Posted in Civitas Events, Healthcare By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , ,

    In a new column, Michelle Malkin takes aim at Medicare scams: "While Democrats pretend to protect the elderly and disabled, leaders of the People’s Party have pocketed gobs of campaign contributions from fat-cat donors tied to massive Medicare rip-off schemes." If you'd like to hear more from here in person, she'll be speaking at our […]

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    Communicating with the County Board of Elections

    Posted in Civitas Events, Elections & Campaigns By Netsmart

    When you first arrive to the new  “Does My Vote Count?” page, you will see the results of our first project – a public request for  a list of all incidents, reports, and problems documented by the local county boards of election during  the May 8th 2012 Primary Election.  We also requested a list of […]

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