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    Entire "Untapped Potential" Series Available

    Posted in Center for Law and Freedom, Civitas Review, Economics By Elliot Engstrom

    The Center for Law and Freedom's three-part series on the constitutionality of microbrewery restrictions is now available in its entirety at the Part 1 provides a historical backdrop to help readers understand why our judicial system is one in which courts defer to the will of the legislature: Federal and state governments, free from the […]

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    The Great Debate: Real Tree or Artificial?

    Posted in Civitas Review, Economics, Polling By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , ,

    Here's a real question for the Christmas season: to put up a real tree or an artificial one? You can register your own opinion at our online poll at Nationally, tradition holds: Real tree sales hold a two-to-one margin over artificial tree sales most years, with both segments doing more $1 billion each year. […]

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    Who's Scanning Your License Plate?

    Posted in Civitas Review, Crime, Government, Legislative Activity By Civitas Staff | Tagged , , , ,

    Did you know that a new technology allows police to scan a stream of license plates as cars and trucks go by? And did you know that, until yesterday, no state law regulated how police could use that data? Some worry that the authorities could use that data to track what you are doing: when […]

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    Duke Energy: Renewable Energy Mandates Keeping Rates Higher

    Posted in Civitas Review, Environment & Energy By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    This press release from Duke Energy delivers some good news to NC households – rates are going down. But thanks to the renewable energy portfolio standards (REPS), however, rates will be higher than they would have been otherwise.   Duke Energy Progress customers in North Carolina will see a decrease in overall rates effective Dec. […]

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    NCAE membership numbers; the wait continues

    Posted in Civitas Review, Education By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    Regular readers of this web site know that over the years we’ve chronicled the decline in NEA/NCAE membership. Our interest in these numbers stems from the radical views of both organizations as well as the common practice of both organizations of making political contributions to candidates whose views are at odds with those of its […]

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