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    NC Business Incentives Just a Cottage Crony Industry

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , , ,

    A recent press release from Gov. McCrory's office celebrated the announcement of 450 new jobs coming to Davie County, in no small part thanks to a grant from the state's Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG) program.   If history is any indication, however, we'll be lucky to see half that many jobs actually materialize. In […]

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    Human Lab Rats: "Science" Being Used to Defend the Welfare State

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    Defenders of the broken and destructive welfare state are getting more desperate. Case in point, check out this frightening article in the N&O, entitled "The Science of Lifting Kids Out of Poverty."  The author begins by informing readers about the results of a recent study: In a study published this year in Nature Neuroscience, several co-authors […]

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    CON Exemption for Bellhaven Hospital Moves to House: Why Is This Necessary?

    Posted in Economics, Healthcare By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    A bill that would exempt "legacy" medical care facilities from acquiring a Certificate of Need to operate has cleared the Senate and is heading to the House. An amendment to clarify the definition is credited with exempting the hospital in Belhaven.    Some additional background via the Statesville News & Record Health care company Vidant […]

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    NC House and Senate Agree: Hollywood Fat Cats Deserve Your Tax Dollars

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    According to a press release from House Speaker Moore's office, in spite of continued differences in state budget negotiations, the NC House and Senate have come to an agreement on the state's film production subsidy program. From the release: Today, the North Carolina Senate and the North Carolina House came to an agreement on a […]

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    N&O Slays Straw Man to Avoid Actual Arguments

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics By Brian Balfour | Tagged ,

    Rob Christensen in this article takes the typical progressive debate tactic of completely mischaracterizing an opposing viewpoint, and then addressing that conjured up caricature rather than the actual arguments presented. In this case, the topic is unemployment insurance. In an article discussing a potential bill that would require unemployment benefit recipients to make five contacts inquiring […]

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