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    Solar Crony Admits Solar in NC Completely a Gov't Creation

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    In the N&O, the CEO of a crony solar company that has profited not because it created value for consumers but rather due to political privilege lobbied in the backrooms of the General Assembly, discusses threats to the continued success of his business. But this sunny forecast could quickly cloud over. Two of the most […]

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    Volvo Chooses South Carolina; NC Taxpayers Save Millions

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    NC's Commerce Secretary is upset that NC legislators didn't pony up enough taxpayer dollars to bribe Volvo to bring its plant to North Carolina. Commerce Secretary John Skvarla said Monday that North Carolina lost its bid for a Volvo manufacturing plant in part because the legislature hasn’t approved more jobs incentive funding. Skvarla’s comments came […]

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    NC Commerce Bureaucrats Demand More Corporate Bribe Money

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Economics By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    WRAL reports that NC Commerce (current and former) continue to wring their hands about the slow progress of extending and expanding the state's program to bribe companies to locate in NC. After last year's measure to extend it stalled, McCrory said in January that he wanted quick action from the legislature to restore the Job […]

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    NC House Committee Votes for Higher Energy Bills, Continued Corporate Welfare

    Posted in Economics, Environment & Energy By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    The well-financed special interest lobbyists of Big Solar won again today, at the expense of everybody else. House Bill 681, the NC Energy Ratepayers Protection Act, a bill that would have capped and sunset a state law forcing NC energy users to purchase more expensive and unreliable sources of "renewable" energy, was defeated in the […]

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    Who pays taxes?

    Posted in Economics By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    Yesterday was tax day. It’s the time when all Americans face the realization that there is no escaping the tax man. Rich and Poor alike must pay their fair share. Or that’s what we’re told. Last week the Wall Street Journal ran data from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center and found the general principle of paying our […]

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