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    Walter Williams on Economic Myths and Realities

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    When Dr. Walter Williams spoke at CLC, he sat down with us for an exclusive interview. He covers a wide range of current topics, focusing especially on economic myths and realities. In about 19 minutes he gives a clear, powerful picture of why progressive policies fail and hurt the people they are meant to help, […]

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    At Civitas' CLC: Walter Williams Sums Up

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    Walter Williams, at the end of an exclusive interview for Civitas at CLC, in a couple of minutes eloquently summed up his thinking this way. Conservatives should keep that in mind: we too have to convince our fellow citizens of the moral superiority of personal liberty. While also reminding them that free people living in […]

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    NC Expecting to Pay off UI Debt Early, Saving Millions

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    North Carolina's massive debt to the federal government for funds borrowed to cover unemployment insurance is on pace to be paid off by the end of 2015, according to Division of Employment Security head Dale Folwell. From the N&O: The state’s debt to the federal government, money it borrowed to pay unemployment benefits, peaked at […]

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    Walter Williams Dismantling the Minimum Wage

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    There is little doubt that the minimum wage is shaping up to be a hot political topic both nationally and here in NC this election year. There has been, and will continue to be, much debate on this issue. One of the most devastating critics of the minimum wage is economist and columnist Walter Williams […]

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    N&O Continues to Slay Straw Men

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    The N&O continues to avoid meaningful dialogue with its plea for extended unemployment benefits. Instead, they continue the intellectually lazy and disingenuous argumentative tactic of inventing a false narrative and assigning it to their opponent, and then arguing against what they just invented. I wrote about this commonly used tactic by the left before, and it is tantamount to […]