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  1. Dec

    Arizona ESAs worth a very close look

    Posted in Education By Bob Luebke | Tagged , , I've  written before about Education Savings Accounts (ESA) and why North Carolina ought to consider  developing a program (see here). In June, Florida saw the light and  joined Arizona and became the second state  to offer ESAs. The video talks about the benefits of the Arizona ESA program. ESAs work. They give parents control […]

  2. Dec

    WCPSS enrollment projections need overhaul

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    Last week, I published a brief piece titled Wake School Estimates must be double-checked.   As the name implies, it calls for a skeptical eye toward Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) enrollment estimates; which in my judgement  tend to be on the rosy side, almost bordering on unjustifiably optimistic. That said, this morning’s News and […]

  3. Dec

    BOG Review is much needed

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    I'd like to add a few different thoughts to Brian Balfour's blogpost on the  BOG Review. First let's recognize that recent press accounts tell us the Board of Governors review of UNC Centers and Institutes have generated more heat than light. Local student protest groups are hyperventilating and framing the review as a politically generated […]

  4. Dec

    UNC Centers and Institutions Finally Receiving Review by Board of Governors

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    The UNC Board of Governors is in the process of reviewing hundreds of centers and institutions housed throughout college campuses across the state. This review is long past due, as Civitas alluded to in 2009: Again, regrettably questions of duplication and public benefits emerge. For example, North Carolina Central University houses The Center on Family […]

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    Charter schools and enrollment

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    Charter schools don’t reflect the population characteristics of the surrounding areas.  That’s a frequent criticism of charter schools.  But is it true?  It's a complicated question. When a charter school population does vary from local schools, oftentimes there are good reasons. The Annual Charter Schools Report to the North Carolina General Assembly sheds light on this […]