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  1. Jan

    NCAE membership and finances continue to fall

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    In early December our friend Mike Antonucci at the Education Intelligence Agency (EIA)  released NEA data for all 50 states and DC for 2012-13. At the time we reported on the huge decline in NCAE membership.  Earlier today EIA released information on NCAE finances. Here are a few interesting figures: 18 percent  –  Percentage decline […]

  2. Jan

    Study: Vouchers have long-term educational benefits

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    Expanding school choice continues to be near the top of the policy agenda for many conservatives concerned about education.  In recent years, a number of states – including North Carolina — have passed voucher programs with the hope of expanding educational opportunities for students.  A growing body of research that identifies the many immediate benefits […]

  3. none

    Context: the forgotten factor in the class-size debate

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    Should states spend billions to reduce class size? That’s the question Amelia Thomson DeVeaux of the popular data and statistics web site Five Thirty-Eight asks in an article of the same name. Thomson-DeVeaux tells the story I-1351, a controversial $5 billion ballot initiative approved in Washington State to limit class size. Thomson-DeVeaux's analysis is refreshing. […]

  4. none

    Is the 10-point grading scale about grades and fairness?

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    The State Board of Education will vote today on whether to approve a new 10-point grading scale for North Carolina students.   The scale has been much in the news lately and has baffled more than a few parents and teachers.  It's being sold as a way to level the playing field for North Carolina students […]

  5. 3

    An Open Letter to the UNC BOG

    Posted in Education, Elections & Campaigns By Francis De Luca

    This letter was sent to the University of North Carolina Board of Governors members yesterday.  I hope the review of the centers is a step in returning UNC to a system which provides a sound higher education to students in a cost effective manner. Campuses across the state should be places for education, research and discussion, not political advocacy on the […]