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  1. Sep

    UNC Board of Governors to Review Research Centers and Institutes

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    Per the N&O: The UNC Board of Governors has launched a review of the more than 200 centers and institutes housed at North Carolina’s public universities. UNC board members said there is no immediate plan to eliminate or cut any of the largely research-focused institutes, which brought in $556 million in federal grants and other […]

  2. Sep

    Experts: common core math standards bad for students and nation

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    Common Core math standards will lead to elimination of higher level high school math courses and contribute to a dumming-down of college math. Those are the findings of a new study by the Boston-based Pioneer Institute. The study authored by Professor James Milgram, emeritus Professor of Math at Stanford University and formerly a member of […]

  3. Sep

    NCLB waivers show ED's true colors

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    Anyone who doubts the feds are deeply committed to the implementation of Common Core standards  should observe what's going on in Indiana and Oklahoma. Politico reported yesterday that the Department of Education is rescinding the waiver it granted Oklahoma for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and granting Indiana a one-year extension of its NCLB waiver. […]

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    Appointments made to common core review commission

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    A number of appointments have been made to the Academic Standards Review Commission. S.L. 2014-78 created the commission for reviewing Common Core Math and English Standards and making recommendations to the State Board of Education.  The legislation established an 11 member Commission. As of today, 8 members have been named. They are: Mrs. Sara "Katie" […]

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    But you'll still be able to choose your own curriculum

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    That's the limp and tiresome refrain of Common Core supporters to those who think the new standards are taking away teacher creativity as well as the ability of local schools to control what's taught in the classroom. Now there is an even stronger reason to doubt Common Core backers. In recent weeks Politico and Education […]