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    NEA and NCAE membership down

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    I was out of the office a few days last week and I know the story has already been reported by some of our friends, but it's worth repeating. Last week Education Intelligence Agency (EIA) provided new NEA state affiliate membership numbers for 2013.  Union membership has been in decline all over the US, and […]

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    Senate Passes Common Core Conf. Committee Report; House gets next week

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    Yesterday the Senate passed the Common Core Conference Committee Report by a 33-12 vote. The report largely mirrors Senate Bill 812.  Among other things the bill creates an 11 member Academic Standards Review Commission to review math and English Common Core standards and make recommendations to the legislature and State Board of Education. The Commission […]

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    Legislators putting final touches on Common Core bill

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    Word has it the Common Core Conference Committee is close to resolving differences between the House (HB 1061) and Senate (SB 812) bills. Insiders and press reports say the final version looks much like the Senate bill. While differences between the two bills are real, the similarities are significant. Both bills advocate for the review […]

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    What's life at state U. really like?

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    Parents of soon-to-be college students are always looking for an unvarnished look of what life is really like at many big state universities.  Let's face it;   the glossy brochures of smiling students walking on leafy campuses don't really provide a full view of the pluses and minuses of college life.  Not to worry.  Last […]

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    Growing population: parents who don't like common core

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    If you have school-age children, you are less likely to support Common Core Standards. Those are the findings of a recent national poll by Rasmussen Reports. According to the poll just 34 percent of American adults with children of elementary or secondary age favor requiring all schools to meet the same Common Core education standards. […]