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  1. Nov

    The Fourth Estate Needs More Econ and History, Not Less

    Posted in Education By demidowdy

    “If the people who are supposed to keep us aware are unaware themselves, how can we know how to stand up for ourselves?” asks Jay Schalin in today’s Pope Center feature, titled “Ignorance Is Not Bliss for Journalism Majors.”

  2. Nov

    Amidst Turmoil, Some Advances in Rights for UNC Students

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    By Jay Schalin The last two years in higher education at times have seemed like nothing more than a series of outrages against freedom and its protections. Ridiculous new words and phrases have appeared—trigger warnings, safe spaces, and microaggressions—to describe tools used to silence speech. Government regulations and new bureaucratic positions, many courtesy of Title […]

  3. none

    ESAs: a one minute primer

    Posted in Education By Bob Luebke | Tagged ,

    Over the last few months we've been talking a lot about Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). You say you still don't have a clue?  Not to worry. Our friends at the Friedman Foundation have developed a short video explaining ESAs. Enjoy.

  4. none

    Cause for Hope in Higher Ed

    Posted in Education By Civitas Staff | Tagged ,

    By Jay Shalin I’ve been observing higher education in North Carolina for over eight years now. At first, substantive reform seemed an impossible dream. The university system’s governance—both board and administration—both houses of the state legislature, and the Governor’s office were all firmly in the hands of Democrats, with very little reason to the direction […]

  5. none

    WCPSS and reassignment: have we learned anything?

    Posted in Education By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    Tuesday’s spirited WCPSS school assignment meeting looked and sounded all too familiar. Yes, WCPSS and parents have been down that rocky road before… Before the discussion gets heated, a few simple questions are in order: Who do the children at the center of the controversy belong to? Who pays the taxes to build the schools […]

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