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    ESAs: a one minute primer

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    Over the last few months we've been talking a lot about Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). You say you still don't have a clue?  Not to worry. Our friends at the Friedman Foundation have developed a short video explaining ESAs. Enjoy.

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    Cause for Hope in Higher Ed

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    By Jay Shalin I’ve been observing higher education in North Carolina for over eight years now. At first, substantive reform seemed an impossible dream. The university system’s governance—both board and administration—both houses of the state legislature, and the Governor’s office were all firmly in the hands of Democrats, with very little reason to the direction […]

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    WCPSS and reassignment: have we learned anything?

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    Tuesday’s spirited WCPSS school assignment meeting looked and sounded all too familiar. Yes, WCPSS and parents have been down that rocky road before… Before the discussion gets heated, a few simple questions are in order: Who do the children at the center of the controversy belong to? Who pays the taxes to build the schools […]

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    Raises for the 1 Percent at UNC

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    By Jenna A. Robinson Last week, the UNC Board of Governors committee meetings began to run behind schedule when the Committee on Personnel and Tenure went into a prolonged closed session. Outside, observers wondered what could possibly take so long. On Friday, the full board did the same, meeting behind closed doors for two and […]

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    The Would-Be King of UNC-Land

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    John Fennebresque can certainly claim that he is a uniter, not a divider. He accomplished an amazing feat in his 16-month tenure as chairman of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors: he united our highly divided state on one issue, that issue being his resignation from the board—just about everybody wanted him gone (he resigned last week).

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