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    SCOTUS to decide whether to hear CCP v. Harris

    Posted in Center for Law and Freedom, Elections & Campaigns By Elliot Engstrom | Tagged , , , , ,

    On August 31 of this year, the Civitas Institute Center for Law and Freedom (CLF) filed a joint amicus brief with the Buckeye Institute, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and the National Taxpayers Union in the case of Center for Competitive Politics v. Harris. At issue is whether the California Attorney General can require charities and […]

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    Is Trump’s Lead Still Solid?

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Politicians & Politicking, Polling By demidowdy | Tagged , , , , , , , , , , ,

    The battle for the GOP nomination continues with last night’s third debate, spitefully “moderated” by CNBC. (By the way, there was nothing “moderate” or fair about most of the questions asked last night.)

    Despite political pundits hailing Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as triumphant, the American public seem to disagree, at least online. Every poll, from Drudge to TIME, has named Donald Trump as the winner of last night’s debate. He also came across as much more reserved, agreeable, and far less brash. No one can argue that there is more substance there.

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    Top GOP Candidates Zero in on North Carolina

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By demidowdy | Tagged , , , ,

    As the GOP field begins to winnow, the top contenders for the Republican nomination have had their eyes on our own state of North Carolina.

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    The myth of big money and elections

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    The Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United allowed corporations and the wealthy to exert undue influence on elections. The decision jeopardizes the heart of democracy. That’s prevailing view of  most on the left and the view Mack Paul recently reiterated in a opinion column in the Raleigh News and Observer. Mack lamented how campaign spending […]

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    Heidi Cruz Interview Sheds Light on Senator

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , ,

    Despite all the ads and debates — or maybe because of them — it can be hard to get a good picture of the presidential hopefuls. Over at NC Capitol Connection, Matt Caulder has an interesting interview with Heidi Cruz, wife of the Texas senator who is running for the White House, that by telling […]

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