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    Civitas asks for Investigation into "Clean Energy" PAC's Campaign Reporting

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    In a letter to the State Board of Elections Chairman, Josh Howard, Civitas President, Francis De Luca asked the Board to investigate the campaign reporting practices of the North Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance (NCCEBA) PAC – Kristin Laster, Treasurer. Click Here  to read the letter delivered to Howard and State Board of Elections' Executive Director, Kim […]

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    Vote Law Opponents Stuck in the Past

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    Civitas' Susan Myrick is in Winston-Salem covering a federal court case over whether North Carolina's new voting law is constitutional. She'll be back soon to provide a fuller analysis. But let's look at one thing: How opponents of the law are stuck in the past. As progressives, they constantly tell us they are the wave […]

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    Voter ID: 'It's Over'

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    A move by the legislature guts voter ID in North Carolina.

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    GOP Caves on Voter ID

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Civitas Staff | Tagged , , ,

    In a stunning development, the General Assembly has virtually repealed the voter ID requirement. Note how on our current web page a featured story by Susan Myrick shows how the actual facts have refuted the claims of opponents of voter ID. Yes, a case was looming in federal court — on an issue in which […]

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    Hillary Calls for Universal Voter Registration

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Miscellaneous By Susan Myrick | Tagged , , , ,

    Orlando Watson, the Republican National Committee’s communications director for black media responded to Hillary Clinton's call for federal legislation requiring universal voter registration for everyone and 20 days of early voting by saying: "Clinton’s rhetoric on voting rights “is misleading and divisive” because “in reality, the vast majority of Americans – including minority voters – support […]

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