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    Why Huckabee Focuses on Culture

    Posted in Civitas Review, Elections & Campaigns By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , ,

    Some politicians say conservatives should back away from hot-button social issues, but Thursday night Mike Huckabee made a case that social issues are central to successful conservatism. At a town hall event, and in an interview, he stressed that culture was vital for the success of a democracy. He noted that his new book is […]

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    Is Mike Huckabee Running?

    Posted in Civitas Review, Elections & Campaigns By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , ,

    Our Town Hall with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee last night in Charlotte provided some insights on why he is looking seriously at a White House run. First, though he hasn't officially declared, in an interview he made it plain he is serious about a presidential bid. As he said, why would he quit a […]

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    Flash Polls Illuminated Fall Elections

    Posted in Civitas Review, Elections & Campaigns By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , ,

    Now that it’s naturally time to look back on 2014, we thought it might be a good idea to look at results of flash polls Civitas commissioned in the fall. As we always say, any poll is a snapshot of public opinion at one point in time. These are most revealing when we have a […]

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    An Open Letter to the UNC BOG

    Posted in Civitas Review, Education, Elections & Campaigns By Francis De Luca

    This letter was sent to the University of North Carolina Board of Governors members yesterday.  I hope the review of the centers is a step in returning UNC to a system which provides a sound higher education to students in a cost effective manner. Campuses across the state should be places for education, research and discussion, not political advocacy on the […]

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    How to Vote Twice in Louisiana and Not Get Prosecuted

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Susan Myrick | Tagged ,

    Here is Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory introducing members of the Black Conservatives Fund at a press conference. The press conference was called to expose Don Cravins, the mayor of Opelousas, LA, for telling a group of voters to vote twice. Don Cravins just so happens to be the father of Don Cravins, Jr. – […]

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