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    NC Senate May Vote to Ignore Draconian EPA Restrictions

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    From the N&O: Lawmakers in Raleigh could decide Wednesday whether North Carolina will become one of a handful of states that will ignore new federal limits on emissions of carbon dioxide from power plants. The expected debate in the state Senate could make North Carolina a testing ground for the nation’s first attempt to regulate […]

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    "Green" Apple Solar Farm in NC Installs Diesel Generators

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    Paul Chesser of the National and Legal Foundation reports how Apple's Maiden, NC solar farm – built adjacent to its server facility – requires 44 diesel generators for back-up power. While Apple Inc. continues its laughable claim that its data centers are run “100-percent” on renewable energy – highlighted by a solar farm built adjacent […]

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    House Approves Amendment Striking a Blow Against Big Solar Cronies

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    Late last night the NC House approved an amendment to an otherwise little-discussed regulatory reform bill. The amendment would cap the state's renewable energy portfolio standard and eliminate the 80% property tax break received by solar farms and facilities. WRAL has a recap here. The 2007 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, or REPS, law requires utilities […]

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    Are Solar Lobbyists in NC Trying to Hide Their Money Trail?

    Posted in Environment & Energy, Legislative Activity, Politicians & Politicking By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    Last week, Civitas published Part I in a series of articles exposing the "Big Solar" power players in NC behind the push for crony policies favoring solar energy. Friday Civitas published Part II. This article examines the financial reports of a very active political action committee pushing for legislative favors for the solar industry, and […]

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    NC House Committee Votes for Higher Energy Bills, Continued Corporate Welfare

    Posted in Economics, Environment & Energy By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    The well-financed special interest lobbyists of Big Solar won again today, at the expense of everybody else. House Bill 681, the NC Energy Ratepayers Protection Act, a bill that would have capped and sunset a state law forcing NC energy users to purchase more expensive and unreliable sources of "renewable" energy, was defeated in the […]

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