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    Want higher wages? Legalize fracking

    Posted in Economics, Environment & Energy By Civitas Staff | Tagged , , ,

    Protesters from North Carolina’s “Moral Monday” movement, as well as other grassroots protests around the nation, have cited an increase in minimum wages as one of their chief goals. What happens, however, when government acquiesces to such demands? Seattle, Wash., recently approved a measure that would over several years raise the city’s required minimum wage […]

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    Monday News Flash: Fracking Isn't New

    Posted in Environment & Energy, Legislative Activity By Jim Tynen

    One problem with the Monday protests is what lies between the lines. Listening to speakers today on Halifax Mall, for instance, you'd think fracking is something new and experimental and, therefore, dangerous. But fracking isn't something new and untested. Fracking was pioneered in 1947. A baby born then is now collecting full Social Security. There […]

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    The Wealth Right Under Our Feet

    Posted in Economics, Environment & Energy By Jim Tynen | Tagged , ,

    The purported debate over fracking underlies the tragedy of today's liberalism. Once liberals posed as friends of the working man. But now their fears about the environment take precedence over jobs for ordinary people. I happened to vacation in Pennsylvania, where I once lived. Out in the mountainous area there — which is much like […]

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    DENR Chief Vows to Protect Economy and Environment

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    I happened to be at the luncheon yesterday at which John Skvarla, head of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, explained how his agency intends to help the state's economy while also protecting the environment. The News & Observer wrote a competent story about the event. I'm not dissing the paper, but it has […]

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    Why Do Liberals Hate Eagles?

    Posted in Environment & Energy By Jim Tynen | Tagged , ,

    Why do liberals hate bald eagles and other wild birds? For according to mainstream news accounts, wind turbines kill more than 573,000 birds annually in the U.S. That includes bald and golden eagles. The AP says this includes a utility North Carolinians are familiar with: Duke Energy's Top of the World wind farm, a 17,000-acre […]