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    Should We Even Consider "Banning the Box?"

    Posted in Crime, Life & Family Issues, Miscellaneous, Public Safety By Netsmart

    This morning we are hearing about another case of a church volunteer being inappropriate with a child in a church facility. While we all want to believe that people who want to work with children have a great heart and no other motivation, there is a need to be smart. Read here to get more […]

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    Attorney General's Statement about Marcus Robinson Case, Racial Justice Act, and SB 306

    Posted in Crime, Legislative Activity, Life & Family Issues By Netsmart | Tagged

    Erik Tornblom was a rising senior at Douglas Byrd High School in Cumberland County. On July 20, 1991 Erik worked at his summer job at a restaurant from 6 p.m. until midnight. On the morning of July 21, he did not return home from work. His body was discovered later that day. He had been […]

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    House Resolution 1020: What's Your Location?

    Posted in Crime, Legislative Activity, Life & Family Issues, Miscellaneous By Netsmart

    “10-20” — “What’s your location?” — is what you will hear over law enforcement radio pretty often. Today in the North Carolina House of Representatives 10-20 has a whole new meaning. House Resolution 1020 was heard this morning and Rep. Allen McNeil (R-Randolph) spoke about a fallen comrade. The standing ovation for the adoption of […]

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    Something Welfare Recipients Can Be Happy About: Drug Tests and Background Checks

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Life & Family Issues By Victoria Wakefield | Tagged , , , , , , , , ,

    In theory, no one wants to be on welfare. While everyone is keenly aware that life can have some rough patches, no one wants to live in a society where families are dependent on public assistance.  We can all dream of a utopian society in which no child ever feels the pangs of hunger, no […]

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    Missed Opportunities Monday

    Posted in Life & Family Issues By Civitas Staff

    The Monday protests have managed to get publicity — but they have missed chances to do more important things. Isn't that really what happened with Baby Boomers? They were handed the richest, most vibrant society ever, and now it's bankrupt, fiscally, morally, artistically. The Monday crowds, with a lot of gray hair and balding pates […]

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