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    Proof Govt. Can Be Trimmed

    Posted in Government By Jim Tynen | Tagged , ,

    Can government be cut down in size? Over at NC Capitol Connection, our colleague Matt Caulder reports on one move in that direction: the privatization of the state motor pool. It's a familiar story. There was a perceived need for a supply of vehicles for emergencies. Over time, the size of the pool expanded. But […]

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    Is NC Road Bond Idea Slightly Alive?

    Posted in Government, Legislative Activity By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , , , ,

    You probably remember that classic line from "The Princess Bride:" "It just so happens that your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive." That may come to mind if you read about the push for infrastructure bonds, as Matt Caulder details […]

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    Who's Scanning Your License Plate?

    Posted in Civitas Review, Crime, Government, Legislative Activity By Civitas Staff | Tagged , , , ,

    Did you know that a new technology allows police to scan a stream of license plates as cars and trucks go by? And did you know that, until yesterday, no state law regulated how police could use that data? Some worry that the authorities could use that data to track what you are doing: when […]

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    What McCrory Refugee Move Really Means

    Posted in Civitas Review, Federal Affairs, Government, Immigration, Politicians & Politicking By Civitas Staff | Tagged , , , , , , , ,

    Maybe the most important thing about Gov. Pat McCrory's decision to ask President Obama to cease sending Syrian refugees is this: it aroused an explosion of support. Our Facebook post asking people to thank the governor for protecting the people has been shared thousands of times as of this morning and continues to grow, reaching […]

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    Cope to plead guilty, receive plea agreement

    Posted in Civitas Review, Government By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    The News and Observer is reporting that Dana Cope, former head of the State Employees Association of North Carolina will enter a plea agreement this morning in Wake County District Court. Cope is charged with embezzling nearly half a million dollars from SEANC funds to pay for such things as landscaping at his home, flight […]

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