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    Medicaid Expansion: "Coverage Does Not Equal Access"

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    This WRAL article discusses how people newly acquiring health insurance are having trouble finding a doctor. The reason is that there is already a shortage of primary care physicians, and these newly-insured people are finding it difficult to find doctors accepting new patients. According to the article: A survey this year by The Physicians Foundation […]

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    McCrory Should Listen to Voters on Medicaid Expansion

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    A new article now up at (after first being published by the Charlotte Observer) offers words of caution for Gov. Pat McCrory and his continued flirtation with Medicaid expansion.  Some highlights from the article: If he’s not careful, Gov. Pat McCrory may be on course to have a “Pence problem” in 2015. In the […]

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    Disgraced Obamacare Architect Was Hired to Consult on NC Medicaid Reform

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    From WRAL: State Auditor Beth Wood has terminated a contract with MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber after the health care policy expert came under fire for controversial comments involving how the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010. ……The auditor's office will end up paying Gruber $100,000 for work that has already been completed. … Months […]

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    Medicaid Expansion in NC Unlikely in 2015

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    Medicaid expansion is likely off the table for 2015, in spite of Gov. McCrory's statements expressing his interest in expanding the program, due to heavy opposition in the state legislature. According to today's N&O: Any plan Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration presents for expanding Medicaid would have a tough time getting through the state legislature. A […]

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    Big Surprise: Crony Obamacare Pads Profits of Insurance Companies

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    In the wake of the Jonathan Gruber videos that showed the MIT economist and major architect of Obamacare admitting that supporters deceived the public (and insulted voters as "stupid") in order to pass the law, the N&O today publishes a NY Times article that states something else Obamacare opponents have known all along: Obamacare is […]