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    Obamacare Mandate to Cost NC Taxpayers Millions for State Employee Coverage

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Healthcare By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    Thousands of state employees will be newly eligible for mandated health insurance coverage this January, courtesy of Obamacare. This has presented an additional challenge to state budget writers of how to pay for their coverage. The issue has been a concern for months, as state agencies must absorb the cost of covering temporary employees who […]

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    McCrory: Door Still Open to Medicaid Expansion

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Healthcare By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    As reported in the Washington Post, Gov. McCrory says he is still open to expanding Medicaid if NC is first able to "fix the current system." In an interview on WFAE, Charlotte’s NPR affiliate, McCrory defended North Carolina’s refusal to expand existing Medicaid programs until fixes are made. “We decided not to [expand the program] […]

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    Gov., Senate Feature Conflicting Medicaid Numbers

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Healthcare By Civitas Staff | Tagged , ,

    State Budget Director Art Pope addressed the Senate Appropriations committee this morning under threat of subpoena. The issue addressed was Medicaid and the amount of funds the state budget should allocate towards this program. The Senate budget sets aside nearly $300 million more for Medicaid than the governor’s or the House’s budget. The state has […]

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    Why Legislators Should Think Twice About House's Medicaid Reform Proposal

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    A House health committee yesterday approved a proposal for reforming the state's $13 billion Medicaid program. According to reports, the newly-revised reform plan would "be built on the foundation of the state’s Community Care of North Carolina networks, which coordinate care for most Medicaid patients." CCNC has been cited by many as a model of […]

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    Fed Ruling Throws $60 Million Hole in Gov. Budget Plan

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Healthcare By Brian Balfour | Tagged ,

    An item in Gov. McCrory's budget plan that would have utilized $60 million in federal funds to help finance the state's Medicaid budget has been rejected by federal regulators. From the N&O: Federal regulators have rejected a plan from Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration to tax some managed-care Medicaid providers as a way to draw down […]

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