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    HB 744 No Longer Requires Schools to Inquire About Immigration Status

    Posted in Immigration, Legislative Activity By Neal Inman | Tagged

    HB 744, the Keep Students Safe Act, has passed out of the Education committee, albeit in a significantly watered-down form. Originally the bill would have required schools to inquire about students’ immigration status. Illegal Immigrants would not have been prevented from registering, in keeping with the Supreme Court ruling in Plyer v. Doe. Schools would […]

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    Among New Bills: Repealing Public Funded Elections and English the Official Language

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Immigration, Legislative Activity, Politicians & Politicking By Matt Willoughby | Tagged ,

    Republican Senator Jim Davis introduced SB419, which would repeal public financing of campaigns in North Carolina. Appellatte judges and candidates for Insurance Commissioner, Superintendent of Public Instruction and State Auditor are eligible for financing from a public fund. Taxpayers can earmark a contribution to the public fund by checking off a $3.00 option on tax […]

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    Mexicans are Americans Too

    Posted in Immigration By Susan Myrick

    In her closing statements opposing House Bill 33 (Consular Documents Not Acceptable as ID) Rep. Deborah Ross, (D-Wake) said “Language means a lot to me.  Anybody who is from Mexico or Honduras or all of these different things – they are also Americans.  They might be South Americans or Central Americans or whatever.  But, if […]

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    Utah Offers States an Alternative to Arizona

    Posted in Immigration By C Harwick

    In American politics, the party with a plan gets to frame the debate, no matter how good the plan actually is. The Democrats over the past several years, for example, staged a huge campaign for a massive job-killing bill to "fix" our broken healthcare system. There are many good reasons why this plan would do […]

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    Latino Tea Party To Congress – “We are Americans, Not Illegal Aliens”

    Posted in Immigration By Karen Duquette | Tagged , ,

    At a US House hearing on immigration Tuesday, March 1, Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan) claimed that the debate about the estimated 14 million illegal aliens in the United States is dividing black and Latino communities.  However, one witness testifying, George Rodriguez, stated Mexican-Americans have nothing in common with people who have broken the law by […]

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