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    NC State Board of Elections Verifies Voters Citizenship

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Immigration By Susan Myrick | Tagged ,

    A lot of people will be happy to know that the North Carolina Board of Elections is verifying the citizenship of some voters. Maybe there is hope and after the legislature passes legislation that will require all voters to provide a photo ID to vote we can move on to verify citizenship. Georgia has a […]

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    Lessons aren’t just taught in a Lecture Hall

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Immigration, Politicians & Politicking By Jana Benscoter

    College students making blasphemous remarks about having to obtain legal documents, a government-issued photo identification to vote, should learn quickly that certain rules are necessary to ensure your God-given right to safety and freedom. Now that it’s on the table that voter fraud has been acknowledged as true, then why wouldn’t we work to protect […]

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    Amnesty for Services: Dream Act Up for US Senate Vote Tomorrow

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Education, Immigration, Politicians & Politicking By Jana Benscoter

    The Dream Act, up for debate and a vote in the US Senate this weekend, is federal legislation that offers many free passes to young, illegal immigrants, who believe they are entitled to American services. Sidestepping any real federal immigration reform, this legislation will perpetuate applying derogatory labels to congressional members angling for successful reform. […]

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    Don't Play Scrabble with Durham's City Council

    Posted in Immigration By Jana Benscoter | Tagged ,

    The role of law enforcement is to carry out the law to the fullest extent, maintain order and protect residents. Law enforcement does not decide what to enforce, however, is told what they are to enforce and can enforce according to local ordinances and state and federal laws, state constitutions and the US Constitution. Durham […]

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    Unlawful and Illegal is All the Rage this Holiday Season

    Posted in Immigration By Jana Benscoter

    A  trend that has slowly, yet steadily been sweeping the nation at local levels has a North Carolina city council following suit. Durham City Council voted 5-to-2 on Monday, Nov. 15 to allow identification cards issued by the Mexican consulate to be viewed as a valid form of ID. Questions still remain to be answered […]

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