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    Religious Liberty for NC Magistrates

    Posted in Civitas Review, Government, Life & Family Issues, Miscellaneous By demidowdy | Tagged , , , , ,

    Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, spent 5 days in jail for her religious objections to distributing marriage licenses with her name on them to same-sex couples. Her objection has been deemed reasonable as long as she permits her deputy clerks to perform the task of distributing marriage licenses in her stead. Before the national […]

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    NC SAT scores: more to worry about

    Posted in Civitas Review, Miscellaneous By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    High school graduation rates may be at an all-time high, but declining scores on national exams continue to worry educators and parents. Yesterday North Carolina released 2015 SAT scores.  The combined math and critical reading score of 1002 represents a drop of 4 points from the previous year and a drop of 8 points from […]

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    #GreenFail: Calif. Energy Plan Flops

    Posted in Civitas Review, Environment & Energy, Miscellaneous By Jim Tynen

    With debate on energy issues ongoing in North Carolina, it's interesting how things are going in a state that embraced radical action on "clean energy jobs"  a few years back: "Three years after California voters passed a ballot measure to raise taxes on corporations and generate clean energy jobs by funding energy-efficiency projects in schools, […]

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    Shelve Hillary Clinton's debt-free tuition plan

    Posted in Civitas Review, Miscellaneous By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    Hillary Clinton’s $350 billion dollar proposal to make college debt-free for students is intended to get the candidate attention. It's also intended to help her keep increasingly restless college and millennial voters in the Democratic camp next fall. Some credit the proposal for being bold — $350 billion is certainly bold.   In my view […]

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    Poll: Parents want right to opt-out

    Posted in Civitas Review, Education, Miscellaneous By Bob Luebke | Tagged , , ,

    If you're concerned about education, the June Civitas Poll has some interesting and encouraging results. Among other things, the poll asks questions on school choice and data collection efforts to help create a "child profile". We'll feature results on individual questions on this blog in the coming days. Today lets talk about parental attitudes toward […]

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