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    Obamacare: more reasons to hate it

    Posted in Healthcare, Miscellaneous By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    The costs of Obamacare continue to roll-in.  Several weeks ago Civitas review reported that  complying with the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)  would cost the UNC system approximately $46-$47 million. The additional costs come from ACA requiring the university to provide insurance for about 8,500 non-permanent employees who work 30 or more hours […]

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    Should Indigent Defense Vouchers come to North Carolina?

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Crime, Economics, Legislative Activity, Miscellaneous, Public Safety By Angela Hight

    The majority of people who are arrested for crimes in the United States are considered and prosecuted as indigent.  People who are being prosecuted are constitutionally granted the right to have a lawyer provided for them if they cannot afford to hire one. Indigent defense systems have emerged but there are questions about whether the […]

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    Why is the Cost of Health Care Rising for Inmates?

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Crime, Legislative Activity, Miscellaneous By Angela Hight

    In the January’s Joint Legislative Oversight Committee in Justice and Public Safety meeting Sen. Austin Allran (R-Alexander) posed a question to Terri Catlett, Deputy Director of Health Services, Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice, Department of Public safety.  “If the prison population is going down and the number of inmate hospital admissions is declining,” […]

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    An Email to Roy Cooper

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Legislative Activity, Miscellaneous, Politicians & Politicking By Angela Hight

    Perhaps Mr. Cooper is too busy campaigning to carry out his elected duties?

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    Celebrate School Choice Week!

    Posted in Education, Miscellaneous By Bob Luebke | Tagged ,

    This is National School Choice Week.  It's an annual event that commemorates the importance of parents and students having the right to decide where they attend school.  This year North Carolina will host 115 events dedicated to celebrating school choice. Think about attending one of them in your area and help preserve our educational freedom!

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