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    Give States Their Power Back

    Posted in Miscellaneous By Lee Brett | Tagged , , , , , , , , , ,

    September 17 was Constitution Day, a celebration of our nation’s most important political document. For 226 years, our Constitution has weathered wars, disasters, civil strife, and economic downturns. However, a quick glance at the state of the Constitution today gives rise to serious concerns: the Department of Justice spies on journalists, the National Security Agency […]

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    My Overreach in a Blog Post

    Posted in Miscellaneous By Francis De Luca

    In trying to be vigilant against cronyism or even the appearance of cronyism— whether from the left or the right, liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans — I made a mistake. I was incorrect in a previous blog post regarding the N.C. Institute of Minority Economic Development (NCIMED) when I wrote: “Still, it may be […]

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    Juvenile Justice and Adult Correction Combining Will Benefit the Entire Division

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Crime, Miscellaneous By Angela Hight | Tagged

    The Juvenile Justice and Adult Correction merger was announced Tuesday and described as part of the consolidation of related state agencies that has been underway since 2011, and an ongoing effort to find ways to save money. According to the News & Observer some child-welfare advocates expressed concern Wednesday about the merger of the state […]

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    Juvenile Crime in North Carolina Trending Downward

    Posted in Crime, Life & Family Issues, Miscellaneous, Public Safety By Angela Hight | Tagged

    WRAL posted an article today quoting Roy Cooper talking about the 2012 Crime Statistics. The initial reaction to the 2012 Annual Summary statistics is one of joy.  It looks like overall crime is on its way down in North Carolina, including juvenile crimes. If North Carolina is doing so well deterring juvenile crime why would we […]

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    HB 392 Becomes Law and Measures for Drug Testing and Background Checks for Certain Welfare Programs

    Posted in Crime, Healthcare, Legislative Activity, Life & Family Issues, Miscellaneous, Public Safety By Angela Hight

    The NC General Assembly this morning voted to override two bills that had previously been vetoed by Gov. Pat McCrory. One of the bills Civitas has been reporting on was a bill that would drug test those who receive certain welfare benefits (HB 392). But at 9:17am on September 4, 2013 HB 392 became law […]