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    The N&O goes fishing for yet another story

    Posted in Miscellaneous, Politicians & Politicking By Bob Luebke | Tagged , , ,

    The News and Observer reports on yet another non-story about the jobs and big salary increases for a couple of McCrory staffers. I have three simple questions for Michael Biesecker, the News and Observer reporter who wrote the story: If these positions are exempt from a requirement that they be posted  – as Biesecker notes […]

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    Who is Baker Mitchell?

    Posted in Education, Miscellaneous By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    This week The J.W. Pope Foundation's publication Liberty Leader tells the story of Baker Mitchell,  an engineer from Texas who traded a comfy retirement to develop highly successful charter schools in North Carolina  based on tried and true instructional methods and classical virtues.  It's a story worth reading.  Thank you Baker for all you do for young people and […]

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    Gov. McCrory Vetoes First Bill – HB 392 Drug Testing for Public Assistance

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Legislative Activity, Life & Family Issues, Miscellaneous By Angela Hight

    Gov. McCrory just vetoed his first bill of the 2013 Legislation Session.  The bill he vetoed is HB 392 “Warrant Status/ Drug Screen Public Assistance.”  Civitas recently reported on the bill when it was passing through the Legislature and many people thought the bill would be a victory for public assistance. In McCrory’s press released […]

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    Racial Justice Act Case Headed to State Supreme Court

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    The News and Observer reported today that a Racial Justice Act case is headed to the state Supreme Court.  According to the article, “Prosecutors will be challenging a Cumberland County judge’s 2012 decision converting Robinson’s death sentence to life in prison without possibility for parole.” While Civitas reported several weeks ago that the Racial Justice […]

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    North Carolina Man Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison for 17th DWI

    Posted in Crime, Miscellaneous, Public Safety By Angela Hight

    Many of you have probably heard the news about the North Carolina man being sentenced to 7 years in prison for his 17th DWI. Such news may lead many to wonder: So what is the difference between a DUI and DWI?  Do they mean the same thing?  What verbiage does North Carolina (NC) use?  What […]