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    Oh Fitzy…

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    I try not to respond to most inane ramblings by Chris Fitzsimon over at the NC Justice Center, but since he's decided to distort the truth and omit critical pieces of information about our polling, I figured it was time. Fitzsimon has been a bit flustered the past few months that we at Civitas do […]

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    WRAL/SUSA Poll Explores Cell Phone Only Polling

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    WRAL released a new statewide poll last week conducted by SurveyUSA which included in its sample, respondents that are believed to be "Cell Phone Only" (CPO) voters.  And the findings of the behaviors and impacts on including these voters is rather surprising.  Full results of poll here. According to best estimates, somewhere between 20-25% of […]

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    Legislative District Polling from This Week

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    In case you missed any of our press releases on this week's polling of competitive state House and Senate districts links are below: SD 19: Republican Wesley Meredith leads Democratic Senator Margaret Dickson 42%-38%. HD 51: Republican Mike Stone leads Democratic Representative Jimmy Love 47%-43%. HD 25: Republican Jeff Collins leads Democratic Representative Randy Stewart […]

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    District Polling Roundup

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    In case you missed any of our releases on state legislative polling (you can sign up here), here's the rundown from this week: In HD 116 (Buncombe County), a rematch from 2008, Republican Tim Moffitt leads Democratic incumbent Jane Whilden 45-38. HD 103 (Mecklenburg County) is an open seat to replace the retiring Republican Representative […]

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    Civitas Flash Poll: Etheridge Grabs Student, Ellmers Grabs Lead

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    With a widely publicized video of a confrontation with two students on a Washington, DC sidewalk circulating, incumbent Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge now trails Republican challenger Renee Ellmers according to a new SurveyUSA poll released today by the Civitas Institute.